November 30th, 2010

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Astrobiology in the news

It looks like NASA has some big astrobiology news to announce on Dec 2. OMG what do you think it is? Biological compounds detected in an extrasolar atmosphere? Better evidence of microbes on Mars? Flashing neon sign on Titan? Monolith on the moon? Radio signal from Cygnus X1? Augh the suspense is going to kill me.

Attention Chase cutomers

If you bank with chase and are not wealthy cannot meet the following criteria or just hate the change, it's time to switch. You should have gotten a notice saying that there will be changes to your checking accounts. Some people don't read these notices, so I figured I'd put a PSA here.

Here are the changes:

Beginning February 8, 2011, a $10 monthly service fee will be charged for checking accounts. The only ways to avoid this monthly service fee is:

a.) to have a monthly direct deposit of $500 or more (two or more direct deposits less than $500 each but equaling $500 in total will not count).


b.) have a daily minimum balance of $1500 or more.

So essentially, Chase is implementing elitist practices and turning themselves into a rich person's bank. I have an account with First Tech, and now I plan on switching to them completely, because Chase has now gone too far. Since Chase bought Washington Mutual, they have added more minimum balances (min, balance of $300 for savings accounts) and added more fees.

Seriously, Chase should be offering incentives for customers to stay. Instead, they are implementing policies that scare their customers away. I miss WaMu. It was awesome. Down with Chase.

ETA: Someone pointed out a *possible* other criteria:

Monthly Service Fee
None when you have 5 or more debit card purchases (withdrawals from the ATM or cash advance transactions do not qualify) or a direct deposit post to your account during each statement period. The direct deposit qualifier changes to at least one direct deposit of $500 or more and takes effect with the statement periods beginning February 8, 2011. Two or more direct deposits that add up to $500 or more but do not individually equal or exceed $500, do not qualify; otherwise $6 per month

This was NOT in the notices my mother and I got. My mom also called Chase because she wanted to know more and was pissed. The guy said "you can also use your debit card 5 times a month and avoid the fee" To which my mom replied, "That's not what it says in my notice." So the guy looked it up and said "Oh, it's not there.." And that was it. So I don't know if this is an exception or not. Seems people are getting different notices.

ND midwife?

hello dp!
I looked through the tags but didn't find quite what I was looking for, so I thought I'd try again...

Does anyone have any recommendations for a ND midwife who does well-woman care? (exams, etc) I'm totally fed up with western doctors and would really love to see a naturopath for my gyn care, but i don't plan to have any know, ever. I just need basic care, but would love to have more of an interaction than just PP. I haven't had the best experiences there, either, although they do amazing things.

Does anyone see someone super awesome? Or know of any references I could consult? It's a little intimidating to cold-call these places, I'd much rather have a personal recommendation if I could...

I'm in N/NE Portland, but I'm willing to travel a bit for the right doc. I am SUPER fortunate and have a employer-funded HSA so insurance isn't a huge deal.

Thanks in advance!
Oct 2010

Resources needed

I have a friend of a friend, that's on disability, husband is too, with two boys, I think 11 and 13. Anyway, they are in dire need of help...she said she's called a few churches and the food bank in her area and she's already on food stamp benefits, no one's gotten back to her and she's starting to feel desperate. They are just trying to make it through this next week when their next check comes.

Is there someone that you know of that she can call to get some food on the table for a couple of days and gas? Their car is on empty and she's got to get her husband to the doctor this week.

Can you guys steer me in the direction of some good resources for her?

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Looking for ammonium chlorate carbonate (baker's ammonia). Can I find this at a regular grocery store, or do I need to go further afield? I need it in the next few days and would like to find it locally. I live in the east side suburbs and work in Clark County, so somewhere in that area would be great, but isn't neccesary.

I am getting hints from the internet that this is sold as smelling salts sometimes, but I don't want to get it in that form unless I am sure it will be ok to eat.
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Renting a furnished apartment near NW Glisan St and NW Park Ave for two months...

My partner and I are moving to Portland from Melbourne, Australia so that I can take up a job over there - visas approved today and everything. (...and we are super-excited about the whole thing :)

When we land we are hoping to have a furnished apartment for January and February lined up. So, my question to y'all is: can you recommend somewhere that isn't going to break the budget? We can probably cope with the $3,000+ places that searching turns up, if we absolutely have to, but would be happy with a more ... reasonable priced place.

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