November 29th, 2010

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Cyber Monday?!

I'm trying not to spam too much, but remember that Ziggurat Stones has plenty of gifts available for your viewing and buying pleasure :) We also have an Etsy site and Facebook page (search Ziggurat Stones, click Like!), and feel free to buy everything check it out and pass the site along to anyone and everyone who might be interested!

Sunstones are the Oregon state gem:

There's also a few opals and an amethyst up currently. We buy everything as close to home as possible. Custom orders can be done, but more time is needed to fill those orders, i.e., no guarantee on a time-frame.

Feel free to leave your sites in the comments so we can all look around and maybe buy! Or at least admire each others' work... May as well cash in on the consumerism if we can, eh?

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This is Where you Live: Unintended Consequences

So, the whole blow-up-the-christmas-tree-and-people plot this weekend is one those FBI investigations that used to be called entrapment before 9/11. Investigators set themselves up to offer potential whack-job(s) access to explosives or weapons, make sure they've got said whack-job(s) on tape acknowledging that they know they're trying to kill people, let them attempt to carry out the fake plot, and them arrest them.

The seriousness of the crime, the unsympathetic nature of someone who wants to kill a bunch of people, and the general tone of the country as a whole means defense attorneys haven't bothered mounting an entrapment defense to any of these cases.

These pro-active "investigations" done for two reasons. The first is slightly cynical, but not easy to reconcile the right/wrong of it. If 49 out of 50 of these guys never would have blown anything up, but the 50th will, the authorities consider the rights of the first 49 acceptable collateral damage, since they showed a willingness to go along with the entrapment plot. That's a hard call and gets down to people's core beliefs pretty quickly, and I don't see how we have a serious discussion about it in America's "Glenn Beck Everyone's a Nazi-Communist" culture.

The second, more cynical reason for these entrapment-stings, is they let the FBI make big public cases and have a measurable arrest counts. This leads to very serious sounding quotes from police like

This threat was very real, but at no point was the public ever in danger.

On the surface, it lets the "There are very scary people out there, but don't worry, we got your back" storyline play out. Go a little deeper and the quote seems bizarre, but that's the news cycle.

The problem with all this? The press that these fake, FBI sponsored terrorist plot traps get encourages budding home grown American terrorsits to lash out against American muslims. The arson in Corvallis was small and contained, no one died, but a fake-crime led to a real crime.

So, take a second to remember that this is where you live, and if you get get asked by a cable news employee how you feel about the terrorsist plot, make sure you tell them how you really feel about it all.
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Pardon my obvious sexist ignorance, but is there a place in town where men can get pedicures? I'm thinking of a place like HairM or something similar, like a "salon for dudes," whatever such a place might be called. Does this exist?

Thanks in advance!

Vintage hardware!

Hi guys.

This is a shot in the dark, but I figure that you all, more than anyone else, might be able to help me.

I'm looking for a place to find vintage hardware. Things like drawer pulls, hinges, padlocks, skeleton keys, keyholes, etc. Preferably in mediocre condition (and cheap). Rust is a bonus. Antique stores don't seem to have what I'm looking for. I lament the loss of the junk shop in another city I used to live in - they had piles of found hardware for next to nothing.

Suggestions? Thank you!