November 27th, 2010



Hey DP! At this very moment, a bunch of g33ks in Beaverton are involved in a Donkey Kong Country Marathon to benefit the Child's Play Charity. Child's Play gives games and books to children's hospitals (including Doernbecher and Legacy) so the kids can have some fun and just be kids. You can tune in and watch the marathon and donate via ustream by going to Please donate if you can, and spread the word! They will be gaming nonstop all weekend and you can even win prizes for donating (A Kinect sensor plus much more!). You get an entry for every $20 you donate.
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V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N: We're Gonna Have a Ball

So DP I'm looking to go on vacation in January. I'm thinking a 4-day to 7-day trip to somewhere warm so I can lay on the beach. Requirement: MUST be cheap. I don't care if that means sleeping in a tent or hosteling it up.

I'm most interested in cheap places you can fly from PDX to. So any ideas for January? Cheap ($300 or less?)? Warm?

I guess roadtrip suggestions are good too.

The dreaded Kindle...

I'm thinking of getting my mom a Kindle for Christmas and I was wondering if there is an option on the gadget to increase the font size of the text. To make it bigger for her to see... (she has trouble)

Does anyone know if you can do that??

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Tummy Meds

Pepcid Complete! I've been calling around and no one has any and has no clue why or when they'll get more.

Anything? I live in Tualatin but I'm willing to travel for this (by car).
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Industrial club

So the boyfriend and I were going to go to Dementia tonight as I could not go a few weeks ago and he said he had fun... But now FB says they are closed for the night.
So where else can we go that will have Industrial/Gothic music on Saturday night?
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If you enjoy gin, call your local liquor store and ask if they have (Portland's own) New Deal Gin No. 3.

If they say that they have it in stock, get in your car, drive over there, and get a bottle. If you don't have money, steal it.

It is my new favorite gin. Yes, it surpasses Tanqueray for me. You can almost sip it straight (which, as you may know, people don't tend to do with gin).

Has anyone else had it? Thoughts?