November 23rd, 2010


Free 2-day shipping at for students

Amazon is offering a free year of their Amazon Prime service (normally $79 a year) to any student with a .edu email address. Not only does this give you free 2-day shipping on all orders, but you can also get next day shipping for $3.99:

If you're an avid Amazon shopper, this would be a great time to have free 2-day shipping due to their week long Black Friday Sale.
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Christmas trees at Ikea?

Rumor has it that Ikea stores in California have Christmas tree lots in their parking lots. (And sell trees at really cheap prices, too)

Has anyone gone by the Ikea here in PDX and seen such a thing? I think it would be fun to get my tree and take it home on the max.
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northface clothing etc..

My sister-in-law and Niece are visiting from Wisconsin. Sister-in-law says she was told by someone who used to live in Washington that Northface clothing is significantly cheaper here...I assume here meaning the NW (she didn't seem to get a clarification on that) I never really buy Northface so I do not know how to answer her question. Does anyone know this to be true? or is there an outlet store for Norhtface?

my sister-in-law thanks you :)

It gets even better

And by better I mean worse. The TSA are doubling down.

So if you get selected for a groping and you refuse, they won't let you on the plane. Which is what they have been trying to do for a while now. Only now they really mean it because if you try to return to the security checkpoint they will call it a crime and arrest you AND EVACUATE THE TERMINAL!

Hear that, terrorists? The TSA has just let you know how to cause a terminal evacuation. Just in time for the busiest travel day of the year. And you don't even have to smuggle any weapons on board! Just buy a plane ticket and hassle the TSA a little.

But in all seriousness, this just reinforces the impression that the TSA isn't after security any more but our obedience. And it reveals how utterly incompetent they are.

If I was flying and I had the time and money, I would bring a lawyer and a police officer with me. The only way they are going to be stopped is through Congress or the courts.


Posted here because there are no terrorists on DP.

Edit: Apologies to the It Gets Better campaign.

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Has anyone gone to the Aveda Institute as a student or a customer?

I'm in college right now and I'm just starting out with my general studies classes. I have hopes of teaching math when I'm all done and finished but I'm wondering if this is really what I want to do. I'm considering the Aveda Institute because I have a passion for hair and makeup and wonder if I would fit in the working world better if I did those things instead of teach math.

Does anyone know of a friend or family member that's taken any of the courses at Aveda?

Last question. I know they preform salon services for cheap but I had a bad experience doing that at a beauty school in NE. They did a horrible job on my nails, one broke off two days later and they just didn't do well. I'm just wondering if anyone has gone to Aveda, and if they did, and how it went.
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free chair floor mat

A quick break from the snow and TSA posts ...

I have a rectangular, clear plastic chair floor mat up for grabs. It's about 3' x 4', with a slightly tacky, non-spiked underside. Apparently this makes it stay put on smooth surfaces, whereas it tends to move about on carpet. I have carpet, you see, and I bought the wrong kind of chair mat.

My loss is your gain. Come get it. We're over on the south slope of Mt. Tabor, near Montavilla.

FCFS. Email me if interested: littlebluedog@yahoo.
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Meetup Tonight!

It's already 4th Tuesday?

College sure makes time pass too quickly... but if anyone is interested in leaving their houses to meet up for some warmth and potentially lack luster service, we'll throw a meetup together! I know it's also close to the holidays so some of you may be out of town already or just not up to tempting snowpocalypse 2010 to happen again.

McMenamins Tavern and Pool
1716 Northwest 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97210

7:00pm, as usual!

Sorry for the very late post!!!
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Calling all Nintendo DS nerds!!!


So, I just bought a DSi...yes, for myself! Since I have no idea what games are worth getting and what to avoid...let me put the question to you.

What do you like to play on your Nintendo DS? I'm not as interested in what the kids are playing than I am in what the big kids are playing.

So far, I have, and enjoy New Super Mario Bros and Nintendogs (c'mon...puppies!!). I have and mildly enjoy The Sims 3. I have and hate Super Mario 64.

I'm interested in pretty much anything from puzzles to RPGs. Single player, multi player. Doesn't matter.

Tell me what you play!

Also...since I obviously don't know anyone else with a DS...if anyone is interested in being the "multi" in multiplayer with me, let me know! I don't bite, and you will almost always win as I'm a terrible gamer. Still, it's like bowling. I completely suck and lose, but it's a blast. :)

Cheers! And please don't freeze tonight. Frostbite hurts.

Snow related questions

 really silly snow related questions for those of you who are snow knowledgeable:

-I am leaving on a vacation soon. My car is almost out of gas. Is it better to have a full tank, or an empty one, in this cold weather?

-I had a crack over part of my windshield (from the crazy heat this summer actually), and now it has spread across the whole windshield, from one end to the other. It isn't affecting my vision, so I won't get it fixed, unless there is a safety issue. Could the windshield break with more cold weather? Is it a safety issue in general?

-Salting the roads-- is there an environmental issue with that? Will it kill my plants on the side of the driveway if the driveway is salted?