November 22nd, 2010


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Bookmark this... (formerly

For anyone wondering about closures and such and is new to Portland.

Also, in the top right, there are links for Traffic and such, too. Lots of accidents right now.

This made me giggle:

Due to adverse weather conditions the Seat Belt class at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center scheduled for Monday, November 22 at 7 p.m. at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center has been canceled and will not be rescheduled. Seat Belt classes are scheduled every two weeks. Call 503-413-2557 for further information

Seriously? seatbelt class?
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Shame on you Portland

How can you continue to let your Mayor gay-up city hall. First with his 18 year old boy toy, and now with an unheard-of-before-now Fireman fetish

Mayor Sam Adams and snow

Shame on you Portland.

Also? All of you trying desperately to will the clouds into dumping snow on us will Pay.Big.™ So knock it off.
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Since everyone's talking about the snow here's a cute thing for if you want to really snow up your internets. Drag this Snow bookmarklet up to your bookmarks bar or whatever and you can click on it to get a cheeseball snow effect on any website. Probably requires a modern browser.

[Edit] Whaaaat I can't make a javascript link in LJ now? Well here's the source:

javascript:(function(){var s=document.createElement('script');s.src='';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);})()

Copy paste that into a bookmark.

See here for details
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Canon Mini DV camcorder for sale!

Hey DP! I'm selling my Canon ZR900 mini DV camcorder.

Canon DV Camcorder THIS way!

Asking price is $250

(Amazon sells new for $350)

My loss is your gain!

I'm selling because I need to cover some bills and such.

It's been used a total of 10 MINUTES
It works flawlessly; battery charges very quickly and it has an awesome picture; LCD display is clear and crisp with no lines and no blemishes.

Never dropped, never scratched.

Yours for $250 OBO

Included is a carrying bag, owners manual, Audio/video connectors, and carrying strap.

Check out the CL ad and get back to me if interested!!

~Dusty (503-780-1262)


Hey, DPers,

My little half-sized chest freezer that I had as extra storage space just died (though not without bleeding a couple of cups of strawberry juice on the carpet *sigh*). I know there are scrap metal collectors who will take this thing off my hands, but will any of them do pickup AND pay me a little cash for this? Thanks :)

P.S. ZOMG snow in the NE 4 realz! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Remembering JFK

47 years ago a President was gunned down.

Here he is in 1960, shaking Mike Gefroh's hand at opening day of Little League baseball season at Northeast Portland's Riverside ballpark. Kennedy was seeking the Democratic Presidential nomination at the time.

Article over at
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Twitter snow alerts!

So, all you DamnSavvy peeps probably already know this, but if you REALLY want to lock into the snow madness, search the #pdxtst hashtag on Twitter. It's the sarcastically-named "Twitter Storm Team" and there are about a billion snow reports.