November 21st, 2010


i was thinking about volunteering on thanksgiving day.

did i procrastinate too long to be able to find somewhere to volunteer in time?
have you volunteered in the past/plan on volunteering anywhere this year?

i heard a horror story about volunteering at a certain location, so i'll take recommendations on places to avoid, if there are any.

it's 2:30 a.m. and i don't think anything i've just written makes any sense. i hope it does.
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Portland Bucket List

In a few months I will be leaving this fair city. I want to make sure I make the most of my Portland experience. I've been here 5 years and don't want to leave with regrets (Oh I'm sure there will be some).

So DP help me out. Check the list of below (things I've done) and add to create a complete PDX Bucket List.

Portland Bucket List:
Voodoo Donuts
Fire strippers
Doug Fir
Forest Park
Spawning salmon
Multnomough Falls
Bonneville Dam
Fire lookouts
Snowboard (Meadows, Timberline, Ski Bowl)
Hood River
X-country Ski
Climb Mt. St. Helen's
Coast adventures
Olympic National Park
Hot Springs (Carson, Umatilla, etc)
Portland City Grill
Ridden the max
80s night at Crystal Ballroom
Ground Kontrol
Japanese Gardens
Timbers game (+ Bitter End)
Blazer's game
Mt. Tabor
Alaska, Hawaii, Seattle, San Fran
Food carts


OK DP, time to throw up your work's job postings.  I've gutted Craigslist and now I want more.  Data entry, shit-shoveling, rhino-whispering, administrative-assisting, crack-pushing...what you got?

*Thanks to those of you who regularly/have occasionally put jobs up here.  You rock the block.

Laptop hardware help, anyone?

Ok, I have an older HP ZV5000 laptop that was given to me a couple of years ago. At the time, it was unknown as to WHAT was wrong with it, but, since being a techie, I found out quick enough...

HP, in their infinite wisdom, only used TWO solder points on the DC power end cap (The piece INSIDE the laptop), with all the yanking and pulling on the power cord, over time, it weakens.

So, does anyone know how to pull this apart and re-solder? I've worked on desktops and the removal of parts but never on a laptop.

Fry's electronics wants over $250 to fix...I found a location online that will fix for $79 (parts and labor) less shipping...

If anyone in DP land can fix, I would be eternally grateful and would be willing to barter something for time and soldering capabilities...I'm heading to Phoenix in January for a few months of work and I am not taking my desktop...I'd like to take this ol' laptop so I can have some connection with the electrical-online-world

Thanks in advance!
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produce ideas?

So I got to pick up a friend's CSA share today, which is AWESOME. However, I'm not sure what to do with some of what's in it.

Please bear in mind I don't have much to cook with in the house, and I'm BEYOND broke right now, so the simpler, the better.

Any ideas for making tasty a large quantity of parsley (someone said pesto? isn't that made from basil?), kale, or rutabagas? These are all somewhat unfamiliar to me.

Also, I have two very small pumpkins that I suspect to be sugar pie pumpkins. Should they become pie? Just be baked and eaten from the shell? How do you *get* the meat from the shell, bake lightly first? I'm clueless.

ETA DP is wonderful sometimes. Tons of ideas in just a few minutes. I am grateful. :) (more still welcome, I'm just impressed by the immediate outpouring)
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Damned Gamers

Age of Empires III complete is on sale right now for $.10 yep from $40 to ten cents. Go snag up on this victorious sale.

do it
do it now

EDIT1: For those with product key issue look to Edit2. For others lucky enough to land this deal, be happy, their servers to generate Product Keys was milked dry, also its 40 bucks again. I either feel sorry for the sap that put in $.10 instead of $10, or I think Bill Gates is just tired of money. Lol.

EDIT2: For those who got it and have run into the "Insert Key" and under the Client it says "No Key Assigned" The following message from Microsoft is for you.

Due to the overwhelming success of the Age of Empires III sale, we temporarily ran out of keys to unlock the game during the sale. If you purchased the game during the sales period, you will get a key in the next week. When new keys are added to the system you will be auto-assigned a key. There is no need to call support or take any other action from your end. We will post information on the forums and on the website when the keys are available and the next time you click 'View Game Keys' for the game you should be assigned one.
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cordless vacuum

Any good recs for one?

With a cat and a 1-year old, I need something I can pick up after the both of them in a hurry. I'm thinking something relatively lightweight, handheld, with a wall mount and maybe a second battery.

The last vacuum I bought was a POS from Stark's. Grr, still not happy about that decision.

I've been scanning reviews all evening, and still can't decide. Like whether a Dyson would be worth it ($260!)
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Cat questions and such.

Since having nearly all his teeth pulled a few months ago, my cat, Simon, has developed an overly large sense of grooming himself - he will lick himself abundantly and the lower section of his body seems to be much thinner with regards to fur.

he is an indoor cat...we have a total of four cats; there was a minor issue with a few fleas but each cat recieves the prescription (vet) strength of the flea medicine.

I don't know what the issue is but I would like to find a vet that might be willing to accept payments or, perhaps, someone here on DP that might be a vet or a vet tech that would be willing to take a look at Simon and point me in the right direction.

He's a Siamese cat that adopted ME 5 years ago. Prior to his near full mouth tooth extraction (July 2010), he would pull tufts of fur out...the vet gave him a steroid prior to his surgery and this seemed to help and correct the issue. After the extraction, as I said above, he has taken to over grooming - his fur is no where near as shiny and luxurious...his demeanor and personality is awesome...I'm just worried about the fur, now.

Nothing stressful has changed in the house...the girl and I have been living together for a year now and all 4 cats have been together since we moved in together. My cat is OVERLY loyal and hates when I am not home...but I've been away for over a week (at one time) and he never seemed to "lick" his fur thin.

Thanks in advance,