November 20th, 2010


Local PDX movie

2 of my friends who slave away at day jobs at Videorama have been making a hilarious movie for the past yr. and a half, and now they're putting the final touches on their epic project.

They've got a fun website and blog up to promote the film, and are looking for funding to finish the beast on kickstarter. You can check out the trailer on their kickstarter page

They're really trying to build the buzz about the movie and they've done so much with so little in the way of money and equipment. It will be amazing when they can have the release party and share the insanity with us all!
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Damn cheap copies

So where can a girl find the cheapest copies in town?

I'm going to call around, but I thought I'd ask here for recommendations, too. I'd love not to pay 8 cents per side if I don't have to...

Thanks DP!

Edit: I ended up calling the UPS store. I can make 1000 copies for $35, regardless of paper size, and there's a self service option, so I think I'm going to go with that. I'm going to use up every one of those copies, so 3.5 cents per page is a pretty good price.