November 19th, 2010

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Sugar Pie Pumpkins?

I've decided this year that I'm going to make a real pumpkin pie. Since apparently sugar pie pumpkins (the little sweet small ones) are the best for baking, does anybody know of any farms that sell them? I called the farm closest to my house (fir point) and they do not. I found one all the way out on Old Cornelius Pass, but I don't really want to drive that far if I don't have to. Anybody have any knowledge and wisdom to share with me?
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Wear your helmets and check your mirrors

This morning I was hit by a car while riding my bike to work. Someone pulled out right into me as I was riding past his parked car in the bike lane. Before I even registered what was happening I was flying backwards in the air. My head was the first thing to hit the pavement and my helmet broke in many places. The driver did stop and help me but he said he never saw me because his side-view mirror was fogged up.

So I guess there are two lessons here. If you're driving a car, please clean off your side view mirrors so you can see people approaching. Be extra careful when things are foggy and wet.

If you're bicycling, make sure you wear a helmet. I emerged relatively unscathed - I have some road rash on my arm and a bruise from my knee to my mid-back that really kills. If I hadn't been wearing a helmet I'm pretty sure that could have killed me.

Also, running in to things at a high rate of speed hurts.
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Who ARE these people?

I was sifting through ye olde job listings and found this: ( listing a job working with autistic kids (yeah!) using ABA therapy techniques with a company called PABA.

But I can't find these people.  Google is coming up with the Polish Association for Behavior Analysis and the Philippine Association for Behavior Analysis.  Both of them are centered in, well, Poland and the Philippines.  I can't find any info on a US-based organization with the name PABA (who deals with autism, anyway).  This gig is plastered all over the internet, too...I'm wondering if it's a scam, or what...?

Do y'all know any autistically-focused PABA, oh DP hivemind?  I know you're not experts, but I figure someone in here has probably heard of them.
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city nicknames

I love using the nicknames of various cities/towns/whatever in the metro area, rather than their proper names. My personal favorites rhyme with the real name, and include some aspect of the city itself. BUT! I would love to hear more!

These are the ones I know:

Frosty Grave (for Forest Grove)

I'm a little iffy on Hills-burrito. On the one hand, there are a number of people of Latino descent in Hillsboro, and some of them make and sell burritos. On the other still feels vaguely racist and I'm not sure why. Someone on another post used "Thrillsboro" which I like better.

I'm also not sure I like "Lake No-Negro" for Lake Oswego. I've called it "Lake O" but that's just shortening the name.

SO! What nicknames do you know for local places?

(Yeah, I know, Portland has a ton: Stumptown, Bridgetown, PDX, etc etc. I guess I'm looking for stuff that rhymes?)
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Non TSA airline?

Has anyone flown with these guys?

Curious. On their site it says, "No lines. No rubber gloves. No need to take your shoes off. Simply arrive 15 minutes before your flight, board and go."

Sounds great to me, and the rates seem reasonable.

[EDIT] For the person that deleted their comment: No, I'm pretty sure I can't drive Portland to Seattle in under an hour.
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I'll admit, it's been awhile since I've joined in, but what the hell? Is there no Friday Night No Life Club anymore?

I'm contemplating an icon-theft rampage through my f-list.

Also, vodka. Yay vodka.

wanted: large format scanner (to borrow)

I think this must be a long long shot, but I thought I would ask. My friend and I are nearing completion of our labor of love graphic novel project. We planned on using the large format scanner at IPRC to scan the pages, but to our dismay, their large scanner produces a thin yellowish line down the page -- which is common with old scanners if my Google search are any indication. Long story short: does anyone have a 12x17 capable scanner that they would be willing to loan us? We would be more than willing to pay you for the loan and/or put down a deposit. Thanks much.
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Dog groomers?

Hey everyone:

Any recommendations on affordable dog groomers? I have a full-size golden retriever who is in need of a haircut. This is the first time, BTW, I've taken her to get a trim, so I honestly have no idea who much they go for--40 bucks?

Thanks ahead of time!