November 17th, 2010

Senate Bill 510: Food Safety Modernization Act

The last few days have seen a huge influx of "OMG, The World Is ENDING" type emails in my inbox regarding the Food Safety Modernization Act that is being voted on soon.  Basically, the fear behind  the messages I've seen is that because the Dept. of Homeland Security will be in charge of food production (if this passes); seed saving, back yard gardening, and farmer's markets will become a criminal offense.

Maybe it's because the majority of the googling I've done and the emails that have been forwarded to me have a kind of Chicken Little vibe to them, but a lot of what I've read seems overly dramatic.  You all are well read, and you definitely have your opinions... what do you think?  Do you have any links from reputable sources with info to share with the rest of us?  Will Portlanders start black market gardening?  Is arson the answer? 

Marley in his bandana

Swing band on NYE & swing dancing in Portland

Hey guys,

I have two questions that I’m hoping a savvy Dper might be able to shed some light on for me.

I would like to take Swing Dance lessons with hubby and know nothing about it. I’m a heavier girl so not sure if I have to be megafit for this (am working on it!) but any recommendations on places would be great.

I live in SE Portland but would travel a little bit if it’s worth it.

2. Are there any dinner dances with live Swing bands for New Year’s Eve in Portland? I’m googling but striking out for the most part. I’d prefer a more formal (dress) event for NYE.

Also, if there’s a local swing band that plays around town regularly, would love to hear as even though I don’t have the dance skills, I love to just relax and listen to the live music.

Ok, that was three questions. Sorry.

Thank you in advance!!!
New Years

Shameless Advertising!

Hello DP! :)

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We are located directly on the Streetcar Light Rail Line, by exiting on the 21st and Northrup stop.

Legends Salon and Spa is located at 1202 NW 21st Ave,
Portland, OR 97209.

To make appointments, call 503.227.7750

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Oden having microfracture surgery again. Out for the rest of the season.

So sad. I feel terrible for him. I hope he can go the way of Amar'e Stoudemire and come back from his surgery to have a great career in the NBA and wish him well.