November 16th, 2010



Okay so I'm about 93% sure I just (about half an hour ago) felt a small earthquake that lasted about 20-30 seconds or so. I'm out in Clackamas. Anyone else feel anything?

(If a large truck--e.g. semi--passes by our house, it will make the house shake, but this felt different than that, plus there was nothing passing by on the road at the time.)

turkey day coast suggestions?

My old lj account was purged since I only lurk any more – so I’ll start from scratch...

We are bagging the traditional drama of the family get together this year (yay). My hubby’s cousin is a flight attendant from the Midwest and will be here for an overnight layover. We’re going to head to the coast for the day.

Do any of y’all have suggestions where we might stop for food that might be open? We aren’t too picky about it being traditional turkey and stuffing sort of fare, but we’d like some good food, moderately priced…and maybe with a nice view if possible, since this will be the cousin’s first Oregon coast experience.

We’ll probably take hwy 6 over to Tillamook and go south from there – we like to end up near Depoe Bay and then we’ll probably come back via hwy 18. Other than that, we’re winging it and would like some suggestions as to what might be open – I will call ahead to verify. Thank you ever so kindly!

Russian Woman Start Chat Now!

Has anyone here noticed a spam in the communities they frequent, saying "RUSSIAN WOMAN START CHAT NOW"?

It showed up in two communities, including one I moderate multcolib.

I actually wondered if it was an imperative. If so, none of the Russian women I know have followed it and started chatting with me.


If you were moving away from Portland, what's the one restaurant you'd have to visit before you leave? The one Portland cuisine experience you must have or your time in Portland was completely wasted. 
coffee; work

Where to look for jobs?

So, where do you guys look for job postings? I graduated a little over a year ago and haven't actively tried to find a job in my field as I already had a job that pays me decently. With student loan repayments looming, I figure I should probably try and find something that utilizes my degree and, more importantly, pays better.

I usually just check Craigslist and have certain places I'd like to work for bookmarked and will look at their job openings a few times a month. I also look at and Mac's List once a week. Monster never seems to have anything and I was recently informed that website is pretty much obsolete now, anyway.

My degree is in Community Development and I focused on Housing and Economic Development. I also have a years worth of post-bac credits within the Urban and Regional Planning school, most of which are transportation related (pretty close to having a graduate certificate in transportation planning). I'm mostly interested in entry level positions, as I worked full-time in a non-related field, and was not fortunate enough to be able to do unpaid internships. I do have hands on experience as my degree was extremely community involved. I think most jobs I would be qualified for and interested in would be with non-profits (specifically housing or asset building) or planning firms.


ETA: I live in Portland but am open to jobs within a 15 or so mile radius.
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So, I may be taking on a second job as an independent contractor. I know NOTHING about this.

At first I thought that I would pay taxes normally on April 15th, and that I would need to be smart and save what I needed each month.

But then I've heard that you're required to submit tax payments more frequently.

Does anyone have experience with this? Are there any nifty sites that will help you calculate how much to send in (including both fed and state taxes)?

Any thoughts or points in the right direction would be awesome. Thanks, guys!
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HEY GUYS this is probably a somewhat out there post, but does anyone here know fluent-ish russian, and have skype?
I am very in need of a real person to practice Russian with, conversational, because everyone else in my russian class is either dating or related to someone russian, and get constant practice, and the teacher doesnt seem to understand that i do better on homework because i have time to myself and materials i dont have when called on in the middle of class.
Would anyone be willing to help out? It would be greatly appreciated.

hope to hear from some peeps!