November 15th, 2010

Tattoo Removal

Hey DP,

Any personal experience with tattoo removal in the Portland area? I'm doing my research on clinics and *surprise* they all say they're the best. Anyone here ever had a tattoo removed in Portland?


Okay rather bizarre question:

My apartment is draining any creativity out of me somehow. I have total writers block and was looking for suggestions of places that you may know of to sit and write.

I am avoiding coffee shops for the most part because I'm not trying to go somewhere that I'm being seen writing. That isn't the goal. I just need to get out of here and change my surroundings.

It's been suggested to go to the coffee shop attached to Powell's and people watch for inspiration, but... yeah.

Anywhere between Beaverton and Downtown works for me (driving to SE, as much as I adore it, is logistically silly for me).


Has anyone here flown out of Portland in the last month or so? I remember hearing about the extra"security measures" being perpetrated by the goon squad TSA a few weeks ago, realizing I had flight out booked in a few weeks. Is anything actually different than it was before?

Not sure if I should be any more nervous about it than usual. I am already planning to get a wheelchair & to dress in layers. Make THEM pull my damn boots off. I just want to be prepared.

Still searching

Due to the outpouring of a few generous people I have made a little money. I am about one hundred dollars deficient of coming home and had enough to get a little food for a hot meal today.

I am grateful for what has been given and hope to find me a nice warm room to sleep in for the next week or so and get enough money to get back home or somewhere safe at least.

Thank you for your generosity this holiday season. It is not unnoticed

My paypal if you would like to help is

Anything helps get me home....I should have never left my job to follow false dreams.
butterflies in my ears

damn bags

do you know of a local company that can craft small production runs of a component bag (similar to an oversized tri-fold wallet)? ballistic nylon is the principal material of choice. any leads would be greatly appreciated!