November 14th, 2010

  • rekre8

bottle shop

I'm looking for some bottles in which to make/store vanilla.

Specifically, it would need to NOT be clear, and I'd like to see if those beer bottles with the the built in cap secured by wire/leverage - kinda like a an old jelly jar with an o-ring.

Obviously, I've not got a TERM for what I am looking for. Any one know A) what these sort of bottle/sealer arrangement is called? Or where I can find some?

I perused the catelog at FH Steinbart, no joy there.

wishing and hoping

Hi Portlanders,

I moved away and ended up in a strange predicament finding myself somewhat homeless and hungry and hoping that the DP community perhaps...

well this is embarrassing...

Im looking for donations for food, or enough to try and get back to my home and the easiest way to do this is via paypal to me at

I hate having to do this, but this is the longest running community I have been a member of and Livejournal has always managed to find away to help me in my times of need..

  • lspirit

To All You Non-Fiction Readers...

I need book recommendations that fit into any of the following categories:

Historical biographies
Professional ahlete biographies or autobiographies
Historical events

The main thing is that even though it is non-fiction, it needs to read like a good story, not a textbook.  I know the categories are super broad, which is why I am turning to you for help!
  • remix79

A Song of Ice and Fire series: y/n?

Alright, personal opinion time.

Should I, in your experience, start reading the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series given the chance that it might peter out into nothingness? Did you like them enough individually to take that chance?

Thank you.

Edit: Sweet, thanks all for the personal opinions. :)