November 13th, 2010

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I'm going. So should you!

TONIGHT! Adult Prom

Can you still get your groovy "Hustle" on? Remember how to do the "Thriller" dance or the "Electric Slide?" Do you remember your prom? Come give it another go with the 70's/80's Prom retread brought to you by the Portland Fighting Fillies. Disco ball, cheesy decorations, fresh-funky music provided!

-$10/person at the door
-Photographer and retro backdrop will be available to record the fun!!
-Bartender and drinks available for purchase (really! You get to drink at Prom!)
-Best Retro-Wear contest
-Bring your dollars to buy tickets for the BOTTLE RAFFLE. Win great top-shelf booze for just $2 a chance!

Rent your burgundy tux, dig out your platform shoes, your skinny tie, or your prom gloves, and come show us how prom is done!

Over 21 only, please.

VFW Hall
7118 SE Fern Avenue
Portland, OR


If this isn't Portland, I don't know what is :)
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Douche Meter

I have a gut level instinct that it's douchey to be out and about using an iPad. Far douchier than being out and about and using a laptop and mobile phone. This gut level instinct is backed up by overheard snarky comments directed towards people using iPads in public.

For the life of me, I can't come up with any logical reason for this. I turn to Portland's source for all things snark and douche for an answer.
Funny Face

Potted Palm Seeker

DP! I have a burning desire for four potted palm trees for the first two weeks of December. I've been looking to rent or borrow. Does anyone have a lead on this? If you have these yourself, I can make it worth your while *wink wink*.