November 12th, 2010

Alice Dorkus Maximus

Old Post Help: Love Song Mixtape

About a year and a half ago, someone posted a request for love songs. You damnportlanders brought out some classics, indies, rarities and just damn fine songs. Aaaand I didn't save it in my memories. The search option is useless, so I ask you guys - Does anyone remember this old post?
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'splain plz

I have several webmail accounts, as well as work email accounts, but have never set up the Mail app on my Mac (or any other mail program on a PC) to store any email on my own home computer.

What is the benefit to doing this? Do a lot of people do this?

Looking for Wedding Officiant

So, my fiance and are are having our whole wedding bash party thing in about a year, but due to my fiance's medical insurance being jacked to high heaven, we have decided to do the paperwork for being married early so I can get him on my insurance through my job.

We were wanting to have someone come and do a wedding for us on December 3rd at around 7:30pm or so. I can't really offer any money (we're broke) but we will feed you and there will be cake! Anybody willing to wed for food? Please let me know!

As far as basic details, we're looking for a secular, short ceremony and someone who is ordained and approved to sign license paperwork and knows how to file it with the registrar's office. We are a nice couple who has been together for many years, there will be a couple of our friends around and will likely do it at our apartment on NE 162nd and Halsey.

Please comment, not me or email me at

Thank you!
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also ...

A two-parter.

What food or drink or other substance, or combination thereof, gives you weird-ass dreams?

Do you ever imbibe such a concoction specifically in order to have weird-ass dreams? Or, in other words, does it reliably induce weird-ass dreaming?

Just curious.