November 9th, 2010

steve perry is amused

No pooers?

So i recently started no pooing my hair....i started out over thinking it and fussing with the right recipe i'm down to dumping some baking soda in my wet hair, rinsing and throwing the vinegar in my palm and rinsing. That being said.... do any of you damn hippy portlanders have a good not greasy dry end conditioner solution?

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Satellite is Gone

Oh Satellite, we hardly knew ye! I went downstairs to get coffee this morning and the coffeeshop was all closed up, furniture gone, appliances, everything. They hardly lasted the year! I was in there an embarrassing number of days every week so I will miss it. lettres_mortes you made many tasty lattes.

Well I guess now I will have to walk many long blocks to find coffee and sandwiches. Si man i yulma, nin enquantuva?

Someone else put a coffeeshop in at SE 20th and Hawthorne, quick!

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yummy breakfast... around downtown..

Yo! Tomorrow I'm stuck downtown for the majority of the day, and I want some GOOD breakfast. I am somewhat on a budget (and limited to the MAX line), but would loooove some suggestions for really good breakfast places (serving all day hopefully???) from Goose Hollow to PSU to downtown...

I realize this is a vague direction, but I have feet and an umbrella and could walk too!

Who am I kidding, I'm not awake. But I want bacon! And french toast! Where do I go, tomorrow?