November 6th, 2010

butterflies in my ears

damn social life

my sister will be in town tonight and will surely expect me to entertain her. since i don't generally do the nightlife thing, i have no idea what to do, and the local publications aren't very helpful. are there any regular events or special happenings that i should know about? bonus for tips on good beer bars that are less likely to be overflowing with "cool people." i figure dancing is probably our best bet, but since we have different tastes in music, i'm happy to have other suggestions. east side preferred, but will branch out if necessary.

thaaaaaank you.
dripping hair
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WE're looking for a low key bar along the Max that has pool tables. We're near the Rose Garden now. Looking to keep it close.




Webcam Sewing Buddies?

I'm testing out something here so bear with me for a minute. I'm a work at home sewer/crafter that is going crazy sewing alone for hours and hours. I'm trying to find sewing buddies and maybe shared workspace with a crafter so I could have company. That's still in the works and I haven't found anything that will work for me yet. In the meantime.. I thought.. what about this little webcam I have? What about the live broadcast I started? (

Maybe there is someone out there that wants to craft with me via webcam? Is that just too weird for the internet? Is that too weird for Portland?

I think this could be the start of something awesome. I just need to keep on filming myself and see if anyone out there is bored and lonely and wants to watch what someone else is working on. Hey it's like virtual company!

That being said.. if anyone knows of shared studio space with fellow artists that work all day and are looking for a new studio mate please let me know! I'm researching all my options. I need a safe clean space to sew and close to SE Portland. Preferably with a couple crafty, artistic people that are going bat shit crazy and talking to themselves. Hey I just need someone to talk to! All you folk that work regular jobs get co-workers and I know you hate them sometimes but I really miss them and my productivity is slipping away.

So maybe webcam craft with me?
Otherwise you will just be watching me work and that might be kinda boring for you.

Consider this a test.. anyone interested should check out my live stream here:
Hook in your webcam and let's see what happens! Don't make me go to chatroulette!