November 5th, 2010

Dudley's World
  • tastee

neurologist recommendation?

My friend had a seizure while driving and crashed his car into a fence. Thankfully he is okay and nobody was hurt, but he needs to see a neurologist.

He called 10 neurologists (he found via googling) and every single one said they are not taking new patients. Understandably he is frustrated.

Does anyone have any neurologists they can refer?
  • kengwen

Question & Info

1) Does anyone know of programs in the portland vicinity where one can get an RN license/degree part-time - like, nights & weekends?  I've googled a ton and found a few full-time programs and programs where you can get your pre-requisites, but am not finding this.  It seems like this would be something we'd have in our great metropolis...

2) The multnomah county shelter is not a no-kill shelter.  I had posted a while back with some stray cats one of which was pregnant and someone posted that the county shelter had no waiting list and was no-kill.  They don't have a waiting list, for sure, you just drive up and drop off your animals,  but the lady I talked to on the phone said they get an average of 20 cats a day and since they don't have room for all of those a lot of them get euthanized - she said "especially if they're pregnant" - presumably because that limits the number of kittens they have to try to find homes for, even though kittens are the things that everybody wants, but also the shelter would have to house & feed them until they were old enough to adopt.  So, just in case anyone else was wondering.  The humane society told me it could be several months possibly as many as six, but it was only about a month and a half (maybe two months?) before they called to tell me I was next on the list.

Yay for blue skies overhead and fog over the city and the river this morning, it was quite beautiful.

Anyone want gun cleaning solvent?

Anyone need some Hoppes #9 gun cleaning solvent?

I bought it to clean the injectors on my '85 Volks a while ago. Old-school aircraft mechanics swear by it, I'm told. I have nearly a pint left and it's not doing me any good. Mix it with some bitters and have a good Saturday night?