November 4th, 2010

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If you drive around ne 24th and Sandy you might avoid it for the next hour or so. There was some sort of accident and while there's only one Honda Civic half in the road, half on the sidewalk, blocking one east bound lane of Sandy currently, I expect things might get congested when there are more emergency response personal and a tow truck. Just a heads up!
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Photographer rates?

 Hey DP,, I have all these empty picture frames, I've always wanted to fill them up with really romantic photos of my boyfriend and I but iPhone cameras can only do so much. 

I'm wondering if anyone would know of a good photographer (preferably with an online gallery of samples) and what rates would be for something like that?

I've never hired a photographer before so I have a lot of questions...

- Are photographers paid by the hour, by the number of frames or what? - Can we request where the photos will be taken? (I'd like them to be outside at the riverfront/PSU S Park Blocks fyi)
- Is there any way to see that I like the photos before they get developed? Or are digital cameras not used by pros?
- How soon should I schedule these things? How much advance notice?
- What would I need to bring? Other outfits or something?

Any other tips about employing a photographer would be awesome! Tell me your stories! :D

Much thanks~! <3
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Dear DP, do you know of any (decent) restaurants on the East Side that serve breakfast all day? This fetus seems to want nothing but waffles all the time. I go to Stepping Stone a lot, but it's so far away.
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