November 2nd, 2010


Ten years on LJ!

Wow, I've been on LJ for ten years! (Since August, even).

Do I get a patch or something? A badge for my acct?

I've probably been on DPer's for almost as long, too :)

Now everyone GO VOTE!
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bridge lights

I have always tried to guess what the lights on the bridges stood for. I was thinking about asking DP, or even maybe writing to that "Dr. Know" column in the WW.

Tonight Multnomah County posted some photos on Facebook, and I commented and asked if they knew. They gave me a link that seems to be showing the Morrison Bridge only. ( I want information for the Burnside Bridge!

I think there should be a twitter account that shows this. So I made one!!/PDXBridgeLights

Does anyone else have any information about this? Would anyone who sees the bridges everyday like to help me update the twitter account?
Zombie carrot


Does anyone happen to have a photo of the Burger King over on SE Grand? Specifically of the sidewalk in front of it, you know, where it terminates in one or two steps that lead down to the drive through? That would be a strange thing to take a picture of, huh?

EDIT: Their insurance company just called me & took my report
Phylicia Rashad


After years of longing, I thought I had a grasp on living here, Portland. I loved every minute of it.

Today, I was told I was being moved to Seattle. In a week. Damn you, airline career.

Thanks Portland. Your and your people were the kindest I've met.