November 1st, 2010

Is this the first NaNoWriMo post?

Hello! I looked back several days and couldn't find any mention of National Novel Writing Month. I usually see a post here on DP each year, and for the first time I am actually committed to doing this, and hoping to find some writing buddies! If you're interested in chatting about your process, bitch about how many more words you need to write, or just want some solidarity, friend me on NaNoWriMo! (Or on LJ if you want, as well) My username is Blitzenn. I am really excited about this project, and hope I make it through the entire month. It would be great to share the experience with like-minded people!

Happy writing!
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Indoor Photography-Friendly Locations?

HAY DEEPEE. Once again, I turn to your wisdom for a hot tip or three.

I'm looking for some new backup photoshoot locations, in case of inclement weather. I'm hoping for some suggestions on spaces that:
  • are indoor or have sufficient cover from the rain
  • are free and publicly accessible (i.e. nothing that'd require B&E or trespassing, since I'd be bringing a client there)
  • won't get me harassed or kicked out if I start photographing there
  • are visually inspiring in some way (places that are weathered, run-down, urban are a plus, but I'm open to a lot of things) 
If you have snapshots from any of these places, that'd be even better, but it's certainly not a requirement.

Thank you in advance!

Lifewise Plan of Oregon

Hey there lovely DPers!

Anyone work for LifeWise Plan of Oregon?  Or maybe sometime in the past?  Wondering how the action is over there as a customer service representative.  Applied online and possibly have an interview lined up this week.  Would love it if anyone had any insight into environment, pay, credit/background check, and growth potential for other positions within the company. 

Much appreciated if you have any hints :)


Shoe repair shops?

Where can I take my shoes to get slip-resistant padding attached to the soles? I heard that some Fred Meyer locations do it but I've never seen anything like that in the SE or NW locations. Any good shoe repair shop recommendations? I've searched Yelp and Google but without much luck.


Someone at Leverage needs to be slapped

Ok so I'm just catching up on the last season of Leverage, which as most of you know, is filmed here but takes place in Boston.

In the 12th episode, there's a series of scenes that supposedly take place at Boston Logan airport. Now, I've been to Boston Logan airport. But even if I hadn't, I would know the following.

The Portland Convention Center looks NOTHING LIKE AN AIRPORT. Good GOD that was a bad choice for a set, especially the big panoramic shots that really showed the fact that it really really was the Convention Center.

/end rant.