October 31st, 2010


Driving schools with a car for DMV?

I'm taking the leap into getting my drivers license but I've hit a bit of a snag. Apparently I need to have a car I am insured on in order to take the test to get the license. I don't plan on buying a car right away, I'll mainly be using ZipCar for large grocery trips and the occasional late night out, but there's not really a way to get a car without showing you have a license. Family does not live here and friends are either carless or their insurance companies are freaking over the idea of putting a first time driver on there. I'm a student at PCC and I've seen their student driver cars around but no one at any of the 15 offices I called had a clue what I was talking about.

Are there any driving schools or places with lessons that let you borrow their car for the DMV test? I know how to drive, I would just like some driving hours with someone experienced and of course, access to a car for the test.
Nikon D200

Comics and sports cards AND PS1 / PS2 / GBA for sale!

Does anyone know of a reputable shop in town that purchases sports cards (baseball and football mostly) and/or comics?

I have some rare cards and comics I'd like to sell, because, let's face it...times are hard and tough.

Such cards as Roger Staubach (Dallas Cowboys) rookie card in near mint...Mark McGuire rookie car (fleer) misprint...Ronnie Lott rookie card...

Such comics as the Original DAREDEVIL #'s 1-6, some REALLY old school Batman and Superman...

Stuff like that.

No, not looking to trade...looking to SELL.

Also, I'm selling the following consoles / miscellany:

Sony Playstation (First Gen with stereo inputs) with cabling but no controllers - $15
Sonly Playstation 2 (Larger deck) WITH controllers AND cabling - $50
Logitech Wireless PS2 controller - $15
GameBoy Advance WITH a "Legend of Zelda" game and "Star Wars - Return of the Jedi" - $20

Public art and city approval

I am a design student at PNCA, working on my thesis. What I'd like to do is gather a handful of insightful questions, design them typographically, and create a series of public art "installations" designed to make people think and answer the questions for themselves. When people see typography in public art it is usually for advertising purposes, or wayfinding systems. The purpose of this thesis is to create a trigger for thoughts, to fight stagnation in daily life in a small way.
I want to avoid vandalism or defacing property with this project because I have enough to think about without paying fines or having my art taken down before I am finished. I am also doing a lot of documentation which would not allow me to remain anonymous.
I have considered many mediums for the messages, but chalk art is seeming more realistic than others. I am wondering if anyone can provide knowledge about chalk art - best practices, examples, and most importantly, what is the city's stance on it? Ideally I would be able to get city approval for this project, because I would like them to stay up for at least 1 month. I would seal each piece so the chalk would not get messy in the rain, then powerwash and scrub after the month was over.
So who would I talk to about getting an approval for this type of project? I propose my thesis in one month, and have until May to fully complete it.

Any suggestions on other mediums or thoughts about the project are welcome, I need as much inspiration and knowledge as possible at this point! I am particularly interested in donation of public advertising space like billboards or bus shelters as well, if anyone has experience with that...

I've found a lot of inspiration in this project:
http://www.aloveletterforyou.com/ (public typography murals in Philadelphia)
Feel free to email me as well: cstemler (at) pnca (dot) edu