October 29th, 2010

  • xtricks

Historic Flood Plaques

I seem to recall there are a couple of small brass plaques on a downtown building that mark the high water line for two different floods. I'm not sure either were for the Vanguard flood in the 60's and I'm sure that at least one was for close to the turn of the (20th) century.

Does anyone know which building they're on? I've tried google, and while you can find every kind of porn that exists on the 'net, it seems harder to find a comprehensive list of floods in Portland, OR.

I need to reference a significant flood of the (human inhabited) past for a piece of fiction.

ETA: found it! Two floods: the flood of 1890 and the flood of 1894.
  • tmcm


Hey people,

I need to get some of those fake bees (my grandmother used to have them) to help with my halloween costume. They're life size and exist on the end of a semi-stiff wire. Florist or Hallmark store? I'm calling around now but haven't found any yet. I think my grandmother used them on the Christmas tree but that might have been a dream I had.