October 28th, 2010


Windshield wipers

Honestly what is the best brand of windshield wiper to get?  The ones on my car when I bought it sucked, the Bosch wipers I bought last year have been sucky since I put them on - I'm wicked tired of smeary, hard-to-see-through windshield - any wipers you've used that are really good? *Plz*  TIA! 


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Cookbook Idea

I have a cousin who, unfortunately, is in-and-out of jail. He's spent a significant amount of time locked up. The last time he was out we spent a lot of time cooking dinner together. It's all he likes to talk about now.

He's sent me recipes from his cellmates of dishes they personally like. Not jailhouse recipes but recipes they've used professionally or family recipes. It helps them pass the time.

Would a collection of inmate recipes accompanied by a story of why they're locked up be interesting?

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Never Give Up Hope

French-Russian Dance party!

Hey DPers!

I think you all should totally come down to Alberta Street Public House tonight for Chervona's French-Russian Friendship Party, featuring Russian Punks Chervona and French flamanco gypsies Dgiin!

I'll also be DJing French and Russian music, and of course any requests you have (if I have it, I play it!) -- starts around 8:30pm with vodka and champagne specials all night long.

More info here if yer interested.

Your whole family is made out of meat -

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Out of curiosity, how many of you vacuum non-carpeted floors (ie hardwoods, linoleum, bamboo)?

I know the person above me doesn't have rugs because I hear them stomping around whenever they're home and yet they seem to vacuum every day. This strikes me as quite wasteful. Why use electricity when you can get the same job done with a broom and cloth (not to mention irritate your neighbor significantly less)?

I have this mental image of my neighbor as a retired Sumo wrestler, perpetually wearing dress shoes with serious OCD. Hopefully I never see them since it would probably be disappointing.
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