October 26th, 2010

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It's the 4th Tuesday again. Is there meetup? Is anyone else planning to go? I'd be happy to show up at the McMenamins Tavern and Pool around 7 tonight, but if no one else is going to be there I'd rather watch the Blazers at home where the beer is cheaper.
  • drjeff


So, last time I purchased an expensive-ass bag of grocery-store pet-department Timothy Hay for my daughter's guinea pig, I thought the same thing I always do -- there HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY.

I mean, some co-op or farm or something that would keep me from paying 6 bucks for a bag of dry hay the size of a loaf of bread.

I live in NE, but am in the Hboro/Cornelius/Forest Grove area with a great deal of frequency.
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  • seckela

SNES or Sega

So a was tromping around in recent posts and someone had put out a call for SNES. The lucky bastard found someone looking for a home for their SNES. So I figured I'd drop a line out there to anyone who might be harboring any gems of the past. I'm looking for a SNES or a Sega Genesis (honestly, golden axe as my all time favorite game).

Thanks DP, you guys are teh bestest!
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Vagabond Opera's Halloween Show! Kids Show & Late Night!

Hello DP!

Still looking for something to do on the 30th? Have a rad costume but no place to go? Always wanted to see zombie themed country music AND gypsy jazz in the same night while getting your fortune told? Well, do WE have a show for you!

Two shows, actually... Wanted a place to take your kids? We have a kids show! With balloons at a family friendly show this Saturday at 3pm!!

Cheaper tickets for kids ($7)! Under three are free!

Late night show! Full bar at both shows!

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damn f***ing wireless network troubleshooting

 So I just got me a new NetGear wireless router. I plugged it into the modem and my laptop, ran through the setup it asked me to and created a wireless network. As soon as I unplug from the router and try to go wireless, I can only get a local connection and can't even access the router via But my boyfriend can get an internet connection via the new network on his Mac laptop. 

I called my dad for some troubleshooting who thought it had something to do with the MAC address and had me switch the router from "use default MAC address" to "use computer MAC address". It still didn't work.

Any thoughts or ideas? Yes, I tried resetting/restarting everything. And I have the death flu so everythings hard and I'm whining now and waaahhhhh
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Roofing Shingles?

My parents home is in need of a little roofing (Shingle work); they have a leak from this last storm the other day.

Does anyone have any extra shingles or roofing that they aren't using or have yet to throw out?

I can pick up.

Thanks in advance!