October 25th, 2010

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"smoking patios", theory and practice

Hey all,

I'm curious about what does and doesn't constitute "outdoors" for the smoking laws now. I've been kind of curious for a while now because I've noticed what appear to me to basically be poorly-built shacks spring up around a lot of bars, and I'm kind of wondering where the line actually is, both in terms of what the law says and in terms of what y'all have seen around town. (I think my personal favorite for sheer tackiness is one that seems to be about a 8x8 fenced area with one of those 10x10 canopy tops perched over it.)

What have you seen? Do you know of a bar that had to change their first attempt at a smoking shelter due to non-compliance with either the smoking laws or general building code? Does someone building-code related actually go around inspecting these things? Mostly, I guess I'm pondering this from the "improvised shack + fire + beer = poorly built shack that is on fire" angle, but I haven't heard of that actually happening.

So how about that election!

So, how about that election?

Or rather, those elections?

But most specifically, what about the Oregon gubernatorial race? For a long time, Dudley was holding a small lead over Kitzhaber. The last four polls that have come out have shown Kitzhaber with a small lead over Dudley.

My own guess is on Kitzhaber, the solid Democratic base in Multnomah County is too big to overcome. But it will be a close race, there is a good chance Kitzhaber won't get over 51% of the vote. If Dudley does win, he probably won't break 50% of the vote.

No matter which party wins, neither will be able to claim a great victory. That Kitzhaber, a two-term governor that was popular during his previous terms, will have to scrape by a victory over a basketball player with no political experience, doesn't say much for having wide spread support. And if Dudley wins, it will probably be a plurality, during a supposed "wave" year for his party.
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cookie help...

I know we have some people on here who are quite good bakers - and this question is for them.

I recently got a food box from Fish Emergency Services, and among other interesting things it contained a quart jar with interesting striated contents labeled simply "dry ingredients for chocolate chip cookies". It has no instructions. The striae appear to be flour on the bottom (large powdery white layer), chocolate chips above, then what appears to be brown sugar, and is topped with a narrower and more granular white layer which is probably white sugar.

My question is, what would you baking-type people do with this? I have milk and butter and will be getting eggs shortly. I associate all of those things as being wet ingredients for cookies. How much of each would you add? Would you try to pour off the sugar layers to cream with the butter? What would you bake at? (yes, I really am that clueless) I wants me some cookies! :)
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call for photographs

Hey artistic peeps,

I'm about to launch my website for intellectual property legal services, and I'd like to adorn it with some photos that visually communicate "technology." I'd like to feature work of local photographers, if possible. I'd consider every style: abstract, artistic, documentary, what-have-you. I would like the subject matter to be either pretty new (think chip/circuit design, nanobots, flashy blinky lights, etc.), or retro/vintage stuff (think brass microscopes, astrolabes, armillary spheres, etc.). Price definitely factors into the equation, because there is a lot of royalty-free content that isn't that expensive out there (albeit probably not by local artists). I will of course attribute, but would like to reserve the right to alter your work (like crop for size, tweak colors, etc.) -- of course, I could instead work with you to do any alterations.

Interested? Comment here, or better yet, email me a link to an image or a gallery that you would be interested in having me consider.


EDITED to add my email address, hurp durp. littlebluedog@yahoo.com
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Hey does anyone have a working SNES they'd like to get out of the closet? I've been craving some classic console action and emulators just aren't the same as the real hardware. Yeah, yeah I could just go to a resale store, which I will do if I have to, but it's more fun this way!