October 24th, 2010

  • nmccoy

So, Lego.

Does anyone have a couple of those old translucent-neon-orange Lego dragon wings they'd be willing to spare? I need them for a project, and it seems foolish to buy them online and deal with shipping fees and minimum order amounts for ~25 cents worth of Lego.
butterflies in my ears

damn stamps

have you any businesses to recommend for rubber stamp making? the design is fairly simple, and will need to be a few inches tall and wide (for stamping coffee cups).


p.s. i hope i'm not the only one who is loving this weather. =)
blue flower

pretty bridge pictures?

Do you know of a site with excellent, Creative Commons-licensed photos of Portland bridges? (Definitely non-commercial use.)

I've been searching flickr for "bridges portland" and "steel bridge portland" and the like, but I thought I might check in with you damnpeople about any damnphotos you know of. Thanks!