October 21st, 2010

  • peachke

Graphic design classes in Portland

Anyone know of a good place to take graphic design courses in Portland? I'm working and would prefer to take single classes at a time rather than enroll as a full-time student. Mostly I just want some structure, assignments, and criticism from an experienced instructor.

I'm at a decent proficiency level with the nuts and bolts of InDesign, as well as basic artistic principles (I'm a professional illustrator looking to branch out).

Alternatively, are there any self-study courses anyone would recommend? Self-study books? Books on graphic design in general?

The Deal, Joven

Here's the deal, the words, "separation between church and state" do not exist in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. The idea is that the Supreme Court has judged a number of times on the ideal of such a "wall of separation between church and state." But the words, "wall of separation between church and state" do not actually exist n the First Amendment.

Next, here's the deal. Don't let Republicans bitch about subsidies to various "green" or "clean energy" companies. Sure, let Republicans say whatever and bitch about whatever, but the reality is that the federal government has been subsidizing companies for a while, at least since 1995. Subsidies equal tax-payer supported welfare how ever you view the situation. Sometimes the welfare is called "social welfare," and sometimes the welfare is called "corporate welfare." Food stamps and Pell Grants are examples of social welfare. USDA subsidies of the agricultural industry's corn-sweetener operations of the 1990s and the present Department of Energy grants to the electric car industry compose examples of corporate welfare. In any case, both Democrats (hyper-sensitive socialists) and Republicans (neo-liberal fascists)both utilize the corporate subsidy. So if you're a Democrat, swallow it and man up: "Your party is just as much a lying corporate butthole-licker as your rival Republican party is." And if you're a Republican, "Wake up. Your party is as soul-less as the corporations it serves."

All in all, do your research. Work hard. Save your money.... Practice abstinence, or wear condoms, or just don't f*ck with someone in the sexual sense when you're drunk. But if you must, then f*ck like your life depends on it; you'll be a happier and better man for it, or woman... or mwoman, or would the transgender formulation be mowan? Mowan sounds too Persian to me. "That's Khalid Mowani. The Mowanis were a tribe of priests whose lineage dates back to Darius." (Not true at all.) But really, just stay away from alcohol. Unless you don't really give sh*t.

But if you do give a sh*t, "Alcohol will set you back years, joven. !Cuidado!"