October 20th, 2010


Insurance Broker

I wanted to pick the collective hive-DP mind. I'm on the hunt for an insurance broker to help my family get individual health insurance. I've found a bunch of different local reps online, but was curious if any of you had any insurance reps you've been really happy with. Trying to get private insurance has been an unbelievably complicated and stressful endeavor for me, so any leads I could get would be wonderful.
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Financial Planning / Domestic Partnership Taxes

Google is not helping me much so I turn to you, DP.

1. Does anyone know of any financial planning/financial advise companies or non-profits that are either free, sliding scale or cheap? My partner and I are looking for advise on how to tackle our debts (primarily student loans) in an efficient manner. Calling lenders is pointless and our college educations clearly did not provide us with the smarts to figure it out on our own. Liberal arts majors FTW!

2. I know that registered domestic partners can file their Oregon taxes jointly or separately like married couples. Does anyone have experience with this? Did you actually get any tax benefits from it? I suppose this can be answered by couples who are legally married as well but it's only relevant to Oregon returns, not federal.


(no subject)

Due to the assholery of paypal it looks like I will not be getting a costume item I ordered from ebay in time for Halloween. I'm dressing as Dr. Girlfriend and have all my costume pieces except for a pair of white boots similar to those pictured below. Since I've already bought a pair (I simply won't have them in time) I'm hoping to find another pair for less than $30 (as I've already sewn the rest of the damn costume). Has anyone seen any white knee high boots around town, perhaps for less than $30?


PS. What a great day to live near the convention center...

Name that spider!

My boyfriend in his home in the West Hills today and saw a spider in the bathroom that he's having trouble identifying. It was about 1", black, "stubby", hairy, with 2 red stripes on either side of the top of the abdomen and a gold "smiley face". Any ideas? We have tried google image search but he can't look at that many spiders at once and I didn't see it in person.
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play date?

I was a pretty intense racquetball player many years ago, looking to get back into the sport after a loooooong hiatus.

Thought I'd check here to see if I could find any opponents who (a) are members of Lloyd Athletic Center, and (b) are serious players.

Hollaback yo, thanks.