October 19th, 2010

The Jetsam

After the Great Geek Riots of 1999, the surface of the Earth was completely devastated. The Geeks rebuilt their cities high in the stratosphere. Their story has already been written.

This story is about those that remained below...Collapse )
flowers in palm


Has anyone been to America's Best Eye? How do they compare to the other chain eye exam and glasses places? I'm looking for affordable, no-fuss care, and decent glasses for occasional use at the office. Thoughts are appreciated. I've always just gone to an eye doctor, but now I don't have insurance coverage for that, and I don't need anything fancy anyway.

Thanks in advance. /o-o/

I don't know shit about TV.

Hey, so my mom is having a hard time getting cable service for her apartment, and I thought yall might have some info. She doesn't want Comcast, and her apartments don't allow satellite dishes. What's her best option? She doesn't have/need internet, so any crazy futuristic technology like that isn't going to work.

And on an entirely separate note: Twisted by Keith Sweat. SOOOO GOOOOOD.

Plus-Sized Clothing Swap, Sunday, October 24th

There will be a plus-sized clothing swap on Sunday, from 2 pm - 5 pm at the Kenton Library, 8226 North Denver Avenue, in Portland. It's being organized by someone on the Fatshionista LiveJournal community, but she said it was OK for me to post it here as well.  Please bring any clean clothing you wish to swap.  There will be snacks & non-alcoholic drinks provided, and you are encouraged to bring snacks/drinks to share as well.  Hope to see some DP folks there!


I checked tags and didn't find what I was looking for.
I can't continue in life as a Bono, sans millions of dollars.
LOOKING FOR, the best links for apartment hunting in Multnomah County.
Plz share w/ me your favorite link.