October 18th, 2010

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Really TriMet?

Am I missing something or is TriMet accepting ads for The Max that scare you into thinking you'll have your pocket picket and/or be mugged on The Max?

Really TriMet?

Update: I was not aware that insurance companies were pushing "I dropped my wallet" insurance as the latest and greatest way to earn. Redirecting ire at insurance industry in general.
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Quick rant

What the hell is the American Psychological Association (better known as APA) doing telling me and other college students how to format papers? Really, what business is it of theirs how I punctuate my sentences or how much space I indent on the page? Maybe they should stick to diagnosing autism and PTSD and I'll write my paper on my own. KTHXBAI


little kid (4? 5?) on the bus: "Mommy, what street are we on?"
mom: "We're on Sandy Boulevard."

a couple minutes later:
kid: "Mom, what street are we on now?"
mom: "The bus didn't turn, so we're still on the same street. Sandy Boulevard."

a couple minutes later:
kid: "Mommy, the bus turned! What street is it now?"
mom: "Now we're on Couch Street."
kid: *lollollol*
mom: "What's so funny?"
kid: "Couch!"
mom: "Why is that funny?"
kid: "I don't know. It just is. couch couch couch..." *giggles to self*