October 17th, 2010

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A favor - for education!

Does anyone have a classic-style corner shaving chair?

I'm looking to borrow one for a show I'm working on as master of properties.

It's a student show, but I take my shit seriously and I assure you there will be broken actors' bones before there will be broken chair parts. Your shit would also be kept under high-tech fire alarm and security systems that are monitored by at least one real person at all hours.

Also, there's tickets in it for you! And it's for education!

I'm looking to borrow ASAP through November 21st.

Google image search of "corner shaving chair" basically pulls up what I mean, the wood/carved types with the upholstered seat and the curved back support.

Thank you for your time.

Source for conductive thread?

Is there anywhere in town where I can buy conductive thread? I'm far too impatient to wait the several days it would take for something to be shipped to me, plus I have a Zipcar for the day.

If you're wondering, the project I'm working on is making my regular gloves into iPhone-friendly gloves. Pretty cool, huh? The article gives online sources for the thread but, again, I'd like something local and open on a Sunday. Don't judge me.

Pimm's Cup

I just finished watching last week's episode of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire". It ended with cases of Pimm's Cup being delivered to a politician.

I remember reading a punch recipe with Pimm's in Bust magazine over the summer.

I found a winterized version on the internets (go figure).
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What's your "Sunday Night" ritual?

I'm not sure how many other people experience this, but I sometimes have "Sunday night anxiety" - anxiety that starts somewhere Sunday afternoon and increases into the night, centered around workplace anxiety and nervousness about heading into the next week.  For some reason, I get into these funks sometimes on Sundays where I'm just certain I'm going to go into work tomorrow and everything will have exploded.

To combat this, I've created some relaxing rituals for myself to help keep calm on Sunday nights.  They are as follows:

1. Tidy up house
2. Spray sheets with lavender and light candles
3. Take a long, hot shower
4. Get into comfy jammies (flannel this time of year!!)
5. Watch a movie/Dexter/Trueblood with a glass of wine/beer  and my SO
6. Read in bed for awhile
7. Go to sleep early

Do you have a "Sunday Night" ritual?  Of course, this doesn't have to be something that happens strictly on Sundays, but whatever day is your Sunday: the day of the week marks the end of your weekend and the eve of your work week.  Could be Thursday if you're a bartender for example!

What's your "Sunday Night" ritual?
Push Button For POPSICLES

Another auto-repair request!

I went through some tags.

I didn't go through all of them because after reading two pages, I got tired.

I saw a lot of folks recommending Hookset.

Has anyone taken their Toyota 4x4 truck there and can chime in on their experience?

Besides that, can anyone recommend a shop that specializes in Toyota trucks? The one on Columbia is gone now, and while they weren't that affordable, they were cheaper than Toyota, and they new what they were doing.

Basically, my power steering pump failed (typical fault of these trucks), but the pulley finally died, so I decided it was time to do the work. Well, I suppose the pump works, but I'm definitely having some issues with the hoses needing replacement because it's obvious some air is getting in there on account of the foam.

Anyway, I just took my truck not but yesterday to get an oil change and today my truck was running really rough. My assumption is that they put too much oil in and fouled one of the spark plugs and now it's not firing, because it sounds like there's a gap in the normal noise it makes. Strangely, the gap and accompanying vibration only seem apparent while the truck is under load (not in neutral). Anyway, I'm at the point where I can't afford to play around with learning about my truck and I just need it fixed so I can use it for work. Hookset seems like a good back up to try, but ideally I'm looking for a Toyota-centric independent shop close-in or on the east side, preferably no farther east than 82.

Got any recs?

On a side note, never ever ever ever ever, even if your car is new and under warranty, ever in a million years have your vehicle serviced by Broadway Toyota. Not ever. I will come to your house and slap you for being so foolish if you do. If you must have a dealer service it, go to Wilsonville or Beaverton or any other Toyota dealer that is not them. For serious.