October 16th, 2010

law talkin' guy
  • varro

A Portland food dilemma...

...I received a couple of gift cards for the Macaroni Grill, and haven't been there. Is it decent, even though it's a chain?

(In before posters complain about my "first-world problems" or bring up the Oregonian article that everyone's atwitter about.)
  • noon30

Looking for a Tailor

I need a tailor that does quality work but is quick and not too expensive. The kind of work I need done varies from simple pants hemming to taking in and mild alterations on casual dresses. I'm in Vancouver, but willing to go anywhere. Any suggestions?

PSA/One of those legal questions

As near as I can tell, Oregon law recently changed to make tenant pet fees illegal (thanks to SB 771*, effective January 1 2010).  Cool.  However, now that I'm in search of rental housing yet again, I'm seeing plenty of ads posted with either a) additional rent for a dog/cat or b) a "nonrefundable pet deposit."

OK, the additional rent, I understand.  Even an exorbitant refundable pet deposit, I understand.  However, is it legal to change the meaning of the word "deposit" by making it a contradiction in terms like that?  Because, to me, a nonrefundable deposit = "fee."  Which smacks of illegal.

Or, the real point: is there an organization/nonprofity sort of thing that would help enforce this?  As satisfying as it would be to call these people and rant like a crazy beast at them...

*Also makes cleaning fees, or fees for "anticipated landlord expenses" illegal.