October 14th, 2010


Walking shoes - advice needed!

I need a new pair of casual (men's) walking/hiking shoes (must be offered in half sizes - so Doc Martens are out, for that and a number of other reasons). I used to be loyal to Skechers, but they have a tendency to a) look terrible really quickly, and b) have insoles and outsoles and everything else that fall apart or wear out really quickly. I now have a pair of Columbias, which I thought would be great, but after only a few months, the insoles in these are also wearing out.

True, I do walk back and forth to work, unless I'm taking the bus, which means I'm walking up to 11 miles per week (sometimes more), and wearing the shoes daily. And I did get one of Columbia's cheaper low-top casual hikers, so maybe I should invest in a more expensive pair of Columbias.

I would prefer not to spend more than $80 on these shoes, unless you all are convinced that there's something fabulous out there that I simply must have if I'm doing all this walking.

Thanks for your help.
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Selling My Never Used Vancouver Hot Yoga Groupon

I received this groupon as a gift: $20 for 20 Yoga Classes at Bikram Hot Yoga Vancouver ($240 Value)

I live in Portland and this studio is in Vancouver. They don't take registrations in advance and it's first-come-first-serve. I realized I would have to leave the house at least an hour early just to be there 20 minutes early to ensure a spot. I don't like the idea of myself doing this several times a week and I'd much rather stick w/the studio I'm at now.

I think someone in Vancouver would benefit a whole lot more from this deal. I'm asking for the same $20.

Here are the Groupon details: http://www.groupon.com/portland/deals/bikram-hot-yoga-vancouver-portland

Please comment here or PM me.
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Considering a movie for the next 24 hour film fest

So I've been kicking around an idea.  I kind of want to make a live-action version of Dr. Seuss' "Ten Apples Up On Top."

It's a pretty cool story, and it's got some interesting elements that I never got when I read it as a kid, but now, reading it at least twice a day to my kid, I've had a chance to let my mind wander.

First and foremost, it's got a sort of Kubrik-ian story line.  The main characters are introduced, and there's an immediate conflict which takes some time to resolve.  When it is--when Dog, Lion and Tiger decide that they're all great for getting 10 apples up on top and stop competing--you're immediately thrown into a second conflict.  It's like Full Metal Jacket, where the dramatic end of training camp is just the beginning of the next part of the story.

 Then there's the dream-like, surreal aspect of it.  As someone who tried as a kid, I can tell you for sure that without additional help, getting more than three apples to stack on your head for any period of time is really, really difficult.  10 is impossible.  But they're doing all kinds of acrobatics with 10, and then at the end, there's a tragic accident after which all the animals are joined in harmony, in being able to get 10 apples up on top.  Remind you of anything, say, the island of Lost?

Then there's the interesting aspect of reader alliances.  We like Dog, Lion and Tiger because they're introduced to us first, and they resolve their conflict with each other.  When the bears and birds come along, they're really portrayed as the bad guys, when if you think about it, the protagonists have been breaking into houses, stealing apples, spilling milk, and basically just making a mess of things.  Maybe the bears are right to try to stop their apple fun!

And finally, I think there's a tie-in with what's going on in the Middle East.  When the protagonists run out of the building, they flatten a bear cub, who looks surprised, but not angry or even allied with the adult bear who has the mop.  It isn't until they run over him a second time that he gets angry--much like, say, a Palestinian child who's watched his friends get bulldozed by the Israeli army and decides to ally himself with the suicide bomber set--and joins the adult bears in the anti-apple madness.

I was thinking that all the characters would be human, maybe with the protagonists being sort of off-beat trouble-maker teens.  I don't know, a goth, a gangsta wanna be and a chess nerd.  Maybe the "bears" would be more establishment types, all wearing office garb.

Add in some CG for the birds, the high-wire scene, and the dramatic collision with the apple cart, and you've got yourself a pretty awesome flick.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention it would be a musical, ending with a Bollywood-style dance number?

Who's in?