October 13th, 2010

bunny doriyaki

Cell suggestions!

Hi DPers!

I am considering a new phone plan. I currently have the Cricket plan that offers 'unlimited' service of unlimited text, long distance and minutes for about $45 bucks a month. Cricket is nice, but I find that if I go out of the area I am sort of up the creek without a paddle. (I can probably purchase roaming minutes though? It kind of sucks to have to do that when you just want to go to the beach, even)

I received a text from Cricket however that my phone package is being discontinued, so I figured I would investigate other options.

So anyways, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions! A few demographics for ya:

- I am cheap when it comes to my phone. No frills or gimmicks! Basic standard phone with buttons is all I care about.

- Mainly want only texting and minutes. I text more than I talk which is probably somewhere around 300 min-400 / month, maybe less. Not really interested in internet on my phone

- I travel quite frequently, and travel out of state at least every few months.

- Kind of like avoiding contracts, but will sign up for one one if I have to.

My mom suggested a 'track phone' due to the cheapness and the coverage outside of Portland, but I don't know about that. She uses hers only for occasional traveling, while this is my main phoneline.

Any suggestions on who to get / who to avoid? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Looking for a studio

Is there a such thing as a studio in the downtown or surrounding areas that doesn't cost a thousand and up to rent a month? I'm at student at PSU looking to move closer to school. The commute from Troutdale is getting old fast.
Does anyone know of anything or is out the Gresham way the only cheap housing I will find?
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Self storage or POD storage?

Hi Portlanders - It loks like I shall be in need of a self storage space or a POD type storage option soon for a pile of my worldly goods. Price is important. I would not mind being a little bit out of town. I am in St Johns, so this side of the world would be great. It needs to be secure and dry but not fancy. Got suggestions? Thanks!

anti-virus, spyware, etc.

any recs for completely free anti-virus and spyware and adbot protection?

i apparently have a virus or a million on my computer so my previously-paid McAfee system won't download and I have been dealing with people on the phone for 8 hours now - a completely wasted day that I didn't have the luxury to waste.

i've looked around the net on my now unprotected computer and most stuff that i've seen only does so much for free before telling you to register/ buy their product. any suggestions for the poor folk like me?