October 12th, 2010

Lost cat!

Our cat, Rhea, is missing! I want to get the word out, even if you don't live near us, because I am worried she jumped into someone's car and they drove away with her. (She is too friendly for her own good.) She could be anywhere!

She was last seen Sunday (10/10) morning.
She is a small adult cat (5 years old) and very vocal. We miss her very much! She was wearing a pink hearts reflective collar with a tag (with her name and our phone number). The collar will snap off easily, so she may have lost it. Please contact us with any information!


Also, what else should I do? Who can I call to see if a dead cat has been picked up in the neighborhood? (*worst case scenario)
We are asking neighbors, calling for her (she usually comes), putting up some fliers, and checking Craigslist. I did a search on the Humane Society website for found cats, but I guess there aren't any at all...? I will call them today to see what's going on with that.

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Hey Portlanders!

Hey everyone, nice sunny day we are finally getting to enjoy again! Thought I'd share the art I've been creating between rainy days.

Been doing some new art lately on vinyl & new stuff on wood! Every week I do an "Up For Grabs" painting, meaning I take offers on it until 7pm Saturday or sell it to the first person who gives me an offer I like. This week I am taking offers on this painting;

It's 26"X38"! On a wood canvas, the actual "canvas" is made of wood. I am tired of carting it to Saturday Market, other art events & having it take up space in my small studio. Respond to this post or e-mail me at acetroypopart@gmail.com or add my art page on Facebook to stay up to date if you'd like to follow my art http://www.facebook.com/AceTroyArt.

Also have been updating Etsy (AceTroy.Etsy.com)

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Hope you guys enjoyed! Hopefully the weather holds up for us, come out & visit me on the Skidmore Market side of Saturday Market this weekend!

Adult dance classes/studios?

I'm looking for a dance studio somewhere in the Portland or surrounding area. Does anyone go anywhere or know of anywhere they would recommend for adults? I used to do all kinds of dance, but haven't done any in many years. While I'm sure I've retained much of my natural skill, I really don't know what level I'd be at or how I'd compare to other people my age. I did a lot of ballet style/lyrical, and a little modern. I'm open to jazz, too, just not hip hop. Thank you to anyone who is able to provide some direction.


Damn blacks (or friends of), where do you get your hair cut!? I'm looking for someone who can do relaxers and weaves but at this point I'll take anyone who knows how to cut black hair.