October 11th, 2010

  • rekre8

Head Examination

Dear DamnHiveMind:

I really need to go get my eyeballs examined. Not just a new set of glasses, but the whole eyetests and such. Luckily, my office has me covered with VSP - I have eyball insurance, yay! I have a long list of eyedocs I could go to.

So, um, how do you choose?

I pulled the list and dumped it into google:
I guess I should narrow my search - downtown & near east is convenient to me. Has anyone seen any of these iDocs and have any commentary?
dripping hair
  • sassyps

Caretaker Job Information

Hi all,

I am posting this in other locations but thought that there are probably some DPers that might have some valuable insight as well.

My partner and I are looking to be in Alaska short term (i.e. a year or so). We are interested in environmental jobs (trail building, enviro ed, non-profit mgmt, vol coordination, etc) but are not sure where to start.

We also thought that since we'd like to head up there in December that a caretaker or house sitting position might fit us well. We are a responsible and skilled duo and feel we would do well in that trade.

So beyond suggestions for searching for seasonal jobs in Ak, any insight or suggestions on going into the caretaker career path?

I imagine there have got to be some nightmares and silver lining laced stories!


(no subject)

Does anyone have a doctor recommendation for IUD insertion? Someone who is skilled at insertion and also performs the procedure often? (I'm kinda hoping for a female doctor.)

From googling it seems like OHSU Center for Women's Health might be a good place to have it done. Any experiences?