October 8th, 2010

Macaroni Love

Sophie needs a home.

Sophie is an English Bulldog that was rescued by my co-workers SO who works at an animal clinic. Sophie's former owners were going to euthanize her because they were unable to get her onto a flight to wherever they were heading. I am glad my friends SO stepped in and took Sophie home but they cannot keep her permanently.

Sophie has hip dysplasia which causes her to walk a little funny and makes her a special needs dog, please keep this in mind.

If you would be interested in taking her in or may know someone who can provide a permanent home, please let me know. I will promptly put you in contact with my co-worker.

I have no photos of Sophie but I have seen photos of her, she's a gorgeous caramel and white with huge eyes and the biggest underbite you've ever seen.

Leave your note here with your email or write me directly through LJ.

Thank you!


I totally apologize up front if I'm beating a dead horse/missed the boat/have my head up my ass - but.... what's going on with the tags situation? It was great right after being implemented when every post had at least one tag, but the past few months, I've noticed most have had none at all (though there were several in late Sept/early Oct with them). I do in fact realize that the mods or whoever are on the Tag Team are real people with real lives outside of DP and tagging posts is not necessarily on the top of their to do lists. I get that. I'm not picking on them. 

Just wondering if I missed something about the process... And if there's anything I can do to help. They really are a handy and teh awesome road map into the DP hive mind.

Thank you for your time, and here's a gift of various cute babies:


Hey DP,

So after years of battling the demon that is math/algebra, and continuing to bomb my classes regardless of tutors, and spending hours on study, I discovered that there's a learning disability for math called Dyscalculia.

I certainly can't go back to college now (no money, and my latest failure of my math class dropped my gpa to the point that I can't get financial aid) but I've heard that if I can get diagnosed, some colleges waive the math requirements for a degree (since I'd be seeking one in the arts, this wouldn't be a huge deal in my ability to do stuff for a job, and I have so many symptoms it's ridiculous)

So where can I get tested for Dyscalculia, and how much would it cost me?

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Hi DP, I'm looking for a wig.

Nothing fancy, just blond and short. (The shorter the better.) The closer to North Portland the better, but since I'll be taking the bus, I'm willing to travel a bit. As always, good quality for a relatively low price is preferred.

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Today's Groupon is for half-off at Salvador Molly's. I have heard good things about this place, and will likely purchase a groupon so I can find out for myself.

Proceed at your own risk. Beware that Groupon is horrible and brings local businesses to their knees, and has been known to fuck up the ozone layer. Non-vegan. Contains irradiated content. Etc.

Also, hey, no rain yet!

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We're going to O'ahu this winter!

1- Where can I get a bathing suit at this time of the year? Beach towels? They were on sale a month ago, but I haven't seen them around. And snorkeling gear- do they sell this in Portland? (If you have been there, can we just buy this stuff when we get there? I want to be sure that it will be affordable.)

2-What did you wish you brought with you on your last vacation? What did you wish you left at home? (I tend to over pack.)

3-We will have a rental car. What should we be sure to see? (I've got guide books, so personal recommendations is what I am looking for.)