October 7th, 2010

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Post 10pm food suggestions between Point A and Point B

Every Wednesday night, I practice with my band in far out southeast part of the city.  We usually wrap up around 10pm, and I begin on my long path from my friend's place, up to my home near the Mississippi District in North Portland.

I am usually hungry.

You see, every week I roll by places I know I'll like, and they're closing their doors around 10pm.  I hate to grab fast food, but I'm also no looking to spend a fortune.  I'd love a good place, where there's some good grub, a couple tasty brews, and there's always a room at the bar for a solo. Maybe someplace small, and friendly, but kinda old fashioned.

Here's the route, I usually go.  I'm open to deviation, of course, but I'd rather not  feel like I had to go too far outta my way.

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Dancing this Friday

It's a friend's birthday and she wants to go dancing. She's more of a dancer where you actually know steps versus a club dancer where you just go out there and fail. More like swing or salsa, something more low key.

Is there something going on this Friday, like lessons, etc? I've not done swing or salsa in years so I've no idea where to go.


It's mine, I say!

If any of you have this week's MERCURY in your hot little hands, check out the "Phart Chart" winning photo on the last inside page. It's mine, but they screwed up the names and gave me credit for someone's runner-up photo of chicken nuggets instead, and the nugget-photographer credit for mine. They fixed the error on the online, animated version, but, sadly, this week's readers of the print edition won't know that that beautiful photo of a Lake Oswego fire hydrant is MINE, ALL MINE!!!!!!

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Weekend Plans? Spill them!

I have friends coming into town (a gay couple in their late 20s) from the east coast this weekend.

Any suggestions? We are looking for:

Portland dining experiences (not too pricey but fun and unique and …)
Fun events (10/8-10/10)
Portland MUST SEE sites in fall

As a thank you, mark your calendars for Birdfest & Bluegrass Festival in Ridgefield, Washington this weekend. Well worth the drive! http://www.ridgefieldfriends.org/birdfest.php


In the past few days someone has deposited a decent-sized herd of goats in the big open grassy field at SE 10th/11th and Taylor. Anyone know where they came from and how long they're staying for? Do we get to have our own petting zoo? Any damnportlanders been some of the people coaxing the goats to the fence for treats and pettings as I've driven by?