October 5th, 2010

Arrested Development - Denial
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So for you casual photogs out there, I seek your assistance. I have no grand ambitions of a photography career, no, I just want to be able to take nice pictures with a digital camera.

Once upon a time, I had the Canon Powershot A95 - amazing. I was kinda foolish with it so it survived with me through rain (a through drenching of it being outside for a whole 24 hours), many high (yet accidental) drops, and other incidental abuses. I had it for almost 5 years until the final drop popped off most of the essential buttons.

So after much research, I upgraded to the Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Digital Elph. I hate it.

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It can't take pictures in anything but daylight, and once it starts getting dark, forget about it. The flash doesn't brighten anything beyond about 2 feet, etc & any movement gets blurred. I'm looking for a decent point and shoot camera that can handle a bit more than just daylight, sunny day pictures and wanted to know what kinda camera you guys would suggest, under $250?

(one that's not super delicate would be awesome too!)
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Haaaallloooweeeeen show

Hello Portlanders of the Damned !

We, your Vagabond Opera, shall be producing TWO Halloween shows on Oct. 30th!

However, we need this fine city plastered in posters and are looking for a number of street team members. In return for your dedicated service, we shall betroth onto you two free tickets to either show and a free piece of merch!

We've having a 3pm show for wee Halloween Hooligans and folks (featuring Joe the Balloon Guy), and a late night 9pm show (featuring belly dancing by Nagasita, Amanda Richard's zombie country band and Groovy Wallpaper).

If you're interested, email VagaBlogOpera at gmail dot com, or reply to this post... we'll get you the skinny!

Anyone want a mid-century armchair to reupholster?

This is a long-shot, but here goes anyway.

I have this late-50's that was my grandmother's. It's huge, comfortable, and covered in a textured Naugahyde that, unfortunately, is deteriorating. I've been holding onto it in hopes of having it reupholstered, but I'm perma-broke and tired of it and trying to find a better home than my garage or a landfill. It is unusable in its current condition as the foam cushions are also deteriorating and leaking yellow dust of unknown toxicity.

Despite all the undesirability, the chair has good bones and is so freaking cool. It's roomy and I can sit cross-legged in it (I'm 5'4", for the record). Is anyone out there a master of upholstery (or just wants to pay to have it done) and do you want a chair? (I would also be fine with someone who has a vintage furniture shop taking it, redoing it, and reselling it... I just want it gone and not in a landfill at this point!)

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Once again: the Tuesday Night Mead Club

This time, I might be cheating a little bit, since I drank half of the bottle last night, and am just starting on the remaining half right now.

And yet, I still call the meeting to order!

Let us discuss things that only make sense to those who have walked in the sun-dappled, rolling fields of Being, where time and identity both flow outwards with the slow, meditative movement of honey.

time for ink!

Now that the sun is not scorching us on a daily basis, calling us into bodies of water... it's a great time to get tattooed!

Email me [info@lastporter.com] or stop by the shop [Aardvark Tattoo Co on SE 148th and Powell] and let's get you inked.

*I'm still running a special on pet portrait tattoos: 5x5inch max, color or b+g, for $100 flat. This deal runs until Halloween, so let me know!*


Beer Float

Which beers and ice creams are exceptional for a beer float?

I'm partial to Rogue's Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout with vanilla ice cream from Cool Moon. It can get steep going this route.

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Do you know of anyone who has a kitten that needs a home?

I feel guilty admitting that I want a kitten and not a full-grown cat, but kittens make my heart melt, and I want to grow old with one. Or at least have one that could still be alive to love me when I turn 30.

I suppose I'm doing this a little backwards, but I thought I'd ask here first before I go to visit a shelter. But in the end, I'll be saving a cat that is living in a shelter, or saving a cat from ever having to be put in a shelter in the first place.

I'm terribly bored because I moved here recently and haven't met any of you damnportlanders, so I want something to come home to. So tell me to grow a pair and just go to a DP meet-up, or point me in the direction of the kitties. Please?