October 4th, 2010

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Sound Proofing?

My new apartment is relatively sound proof with the exception of the front door. There are large gaps between the frame and the door so hallway noise is readily heard in my apartment. If someone is standing in the hallway having a normal volume conversation I'll hear every word. This isn't a huge deal except when my neighbor's crazy ex comes over drunk at 3:30am on a weeknight looking for a fight. While I appreciate the validation of my life choices (as I do not have these 3:30am problems) I do not appreciate being kept up at odd hours nor having to cradle my shivering, terrified cat. Any ideas on sound proofing that area of my apartment? I don't want to spend a bundle but I could fork out $100 or so. I was contemplating a heavy curtain or attaching egg crating stuff to the door somehow. Thoughts, ideas?

[and naturally in the future I will probably call the police]
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 Saturday night my bike was taken from it's locked position inside my apartment building in the SW Portland/ Goose Hollow area.

My bike is a black and gold Redline R550 size extra small, riser bar bar road bike.
700x25c wheels, shimano 27spd with fsa triple cranks. The rear wheel will be missing or mis-matched. 

There's also fenders and a bike rack not pictured. The serial number is "ICS7A03969" and it has (or once did) a PSU parking garage pass under the seat! 

This bike is SO special to me and I would really appreciate any info you might have! Also, any sites I could post my REWARD poster would also be good to know! Thanks DP!!

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Sell me ad space!

I'm trying to pick up some additional clients for my math tutoring business. One thing I'd like to try this year is to buy ad space in various school publications. I remember as a kid (well, through college, really) that I was always trying to sell school newspaper ads to local businesses, but fewer schools have school newspapers now. The last school I worked at sold space in the drama programs, and I think some schools also sell ads in sports-related things.

Anyway, if you or your kid is trying to sell ad space in a school-related publication let me know! I'd love to buy some. I tutor middle school through college level so I'd be interested in buying ad space at any of those three levels.

I'll also give a (small) DP discount if anyone here is looking for a tutor this term. I'm also open to skill-swaps if you can teach me more about something I'm interested in in exchange for math tutoring.
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Let's pull ivy!

The Sylvania Habitat Restoration Team is looking for volunteers for No Ivy Day, this Saturday. Come join us at PCC's Sylvania campus, Parking Lot 10, from 9 to 11:30 to pull ivy and other non-native plants, and join us afterward for the No Ivy Day party! Bring water and please wear pants and long sleeves. Dressing in layers is highly recommended. Everyone from the community is welcome, you do not have to be a student. PM me if you are interested, or contact April Fong (her info is in the first link).