October 2nd, 2010

C&H Fight
  • seckela

Looking for "Moving" Help

Next Thursday I'm going to be buying a full-size bed from the Beaverton area (hear 121st and Scholls) I need someone with a truck (if raining covered truck, suv, or van) that can transport it from there to Barbur blvd (its really a short trip). I'm can pay. write me back here and we can talk.
law talkin' guy
  • varro

Greek Festival...

I'll be there - the fat guy in a gray and white striped shirt - my wife, Amy is wearing a green long-sleeved blouse, black leggings, black-and-gray striped Sock Dreams socks, and black boots. See ya there!

Cyclocross Craziness

Hey damnportlanders. If any of you are going out to Alpenrose for the first round of Cyclocross Crusade tomorrow, support a brother DPer and yell your damn fool ass off when you see me ride by. I'm racing in the beginner class (8:50am), blue plain long sleeve jersey on a red Motobecane and not-white-for-very-long handlebar tape.

At the very least you get to watch me make a fool of myself in my first CX race.