October 1st, 2010


Chapman Swifts

I know the Audubon website says the swift watch at Chapman Elementary went until September 30th, but one could definitely go watch them tonight as well, right? Or is that date in place because the majority of the swifts suddenly stop swarming once that date has passed for whatever reason?

Never mind, I did the obvious thing and called Audubon. Apparently they only had a couple hundred swifts last night, so they're pretty much gone for the year.
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paying a fine in euros

a friend of mine has a fine she garnered in france, and needs to send in a payment that has to be in euros. a currency exchange operation can do this for $20, and a bank can wire it for $30. according to the PO, international money orders are not available for france. does anyone know if there are any less expensive options (that don't involve converting $ to euros and sending cash through the mail)?

Any DamnParents need some coupons?

Hey Deeps, I have several aunts and uncles who work at the Gerber baby food factory back home in Michigan, and when I was expecting this past spring they gave me a whole bunch of coupons for Gerber products. I no longer need them. Some are for free baby food, some are for a discount, etc. They expire 12/31 and I'd hate for them to go to waste. Would anybody like them?


Slightly driver-centric this week, as I'd like to ask a question.

Preface 1: I love this city's public transit city, and I try my best to limit my driving.

Preface 2: I am not looking to turn into a pissing contest of "Where I come from, City X, everyone is a perfect driver, but in City Y, no one can functionally operate a motor-vehicle!"

That out of the way, there are some intersections in this town that I think encourage people to act like fucking morons, possibly with mind-control lasers. I'm not really sure. Lord knows I've been on both ends.

Trying to get onto US 26 west of I-405 when anyone else in Portland is awake takes way longer than it should. Sure, I know that a couple of bottlenecks exist in this area, but the level of bad driving here seems to exceed even grossly liberal expectations.

Then there's that whole Burnside/Sandy/12th abomination. I admit I haven't driven out that way in a while, so maybe it's gotten better.

Any other nominations for "driving areas that encourage stupidity"?

Survival horror and steampunk...

Hey DP!
  • Do you know of any full books / anthologies that center around "Survival Horror" themes? No points awarded for Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Tami Hoag, etc. I'm looking for story lines similar to "Silent Hill", "Sanitarium", "Alone in the Dark", etc. Do these stories and authors even exist?
  • I've been hesitant to immerse myself in reading ANYTHING of steampunk...I have a few titles ("The Light Ages", as well as everything by Verne, and Wells but those are CLASSICS...also "The Difference Engine") ...as a friend of mine said to me once, "Steampunk is when Goths found brown..." which I find hilarious as I used to be a full on goth. Anyways, I've recently been piqued at some of the storylines that few have told me, but none of them can remember titles...and have been interested in reading something more than I have (Which were picked up by accident) from this genre. Any GOOD ideas, and not, "OH-MY-GOD-IT'S-VICTORIAN-BRASS-AND-GEARS-AND-STEAM!"

I'm looking for something new...

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Dead Meme and/or Advertising Survey

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1. Were you ever a hipster?

2. Are you currently a hipster? Please explain why or why not.

3. Please describe who, or what, you consider a hipster to be.

4. Is hipsterism still a cultural force, or will future ironists be having a hipster night at Dunes every second Friday?


For about three years now, I've been wanting to pick and roast my own chestnuts but I keep missing their season. This year I decided I was going to get some one way or another. I picked some up that had fallen on the street near where I was housesitting, but they were all shriveled and inedible. Does anyone have a chestnut tree with edible chestnuts they'd be willing to let me pick up? I'm not looking to pillage your whole tree, just take enough for one girl to roast and eat :)