September 30th, 2010

Bullying & suicides

Hey DP. So, I'm sad. Sad isn't really the best word, but that is part of it. Recently (and not so recently, I'm sure) several young people have committed suicide and the connecting thread seems to be bullying. Bullying because they were gay. I'm sickened by actions of the two students at Rutgers, which seem to have driven a young man to take his own life.

What the fuck? This should not be happening. Yeah, I know...LOTS of bad stuff shouldn't happen, but this seems out of control.

Parents- how do you deal with bullying? What are the school's doing that you know of? What was bullying like when you were younger compared to now?

I just would like to see some discussion about this, maybe to help me cope with just being SO angry and sad that this shit is happening. I just feel helpless, ya know? So please discuss, vent, etc. I needed to. Thanks.

Damn Salons

I'm looking for a salon that will dye my hair a bright unnatural color (namely, turquoise). In the past I always did my hair myself to save money, but turning ginger hair blue-green is proving more frustrating than I'd rather deal with, so I'd like to have a pro do it. I've called a couple salons but they only do natural shades so I thought I'd turn to the DP hivemind. Anyone know of a salon that will do it? Not overly concerned with price, but being bike/Trimet-accessable is a plus.

[Edit: I ended up taking the Bishops recommendation because I happened to be nearby one and they were really great! I live only a few blocks from Do! though and may check them out next time I need my hair done. Thanks for the great suggestions!]
Geeks do it better


This might be a stretch, but does anyone know if there is a place in town that sells Neopletane Italian playing cards?

Thanks in advance!

Also, anyone around here speak Italian and willing to trade some tutoring or conversational help for beer, cupcakes or cookies?
Run Lola Run

housing recommendations

Looking for recommendations on apartment complexes in Inner NE or Inner SW (or on the max line, but still in Portland!!) that accept small dogs. My friend and I want to get a place together within a week. When I check craigslist or I keep getting overwhelmed so I'm looking for personal recommendations to use as a starting off point. I think our budget is about ~1100 or less for a 2 bed.