September 28th, 2010

Hungarian Goulash

Does any one know of a place to get some fantastic Hungarian Goulash? I have only had it 1 time and that was 2 years ago up at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. It was sooooo good I cannot even tell you. There was a little hungarian man behind the counter that made it from scratch but when I went back last year they didn't have it.

Anyone who can help me out I would be forever grateful! Milwaukie, Clackamas, Downtown Portland, or any other area if it is awesome Goulash!

Thank you!
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The Drawing Studio on Division

Hello, DP. I come seeking experiences or info.

I'd very much like to learn life and figure drawing, but I work best when I'm in a class environment with a teacher. I regularly drive by The Drawing Studio on Division and I was curious if anyone had any firsthand experience with that institution or its instructors? The intro class seems very affordable and covers what I need, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be wasting my money first.

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I'm seriously thinking about switching from my glasses to contacts. I haven't worn contacts since I was 12, but I'm ready to try again. Since I was 12 I didn't pay for them or the exam. My questions are:

-Where did you get your contact exam from? How much was it?
-Do you buy your contacts from the same place you got the exam from or somewhere else?
-Is there a certain brand or style you like best? (daily, weekly, monthly?)

I normally get my glasses from America's Best, but I remember their exam seeming a little pricey, like sixty or seventy? I don't know if that's expensive or not. I had a friend that used to go to Costco and get the actual contacts for somewhat cheap. My mom also claims Walmart is the cheapest to buy contacts from. I could call around, and I probably still will, but I'd like some first hand advise or recs. Thanks.

Need Free Gathering place

Hello DamnPortlanders!  A Grant High Class of '85 alumni is coming to town for a visit.  He currently lives in Nashville and is a grammy-winning bass guitarist for Lorrie Morgan - among other things!  The reason he's coming to visit is to see his mom and family, maybe for the last time (he's fighting cancer AGAIN.) Once we fellow Grantonians heard of his desire to see his mom, we all got together and arranged for it to happen. 

Now he'll be in town in October and we're looking for a quieter place to gather and visit with him while he's here.  He gets tired easy and doesn't deal with noise well.  We've thought of public restaurants, etc and have called The Overlook House, The Laurelhurst Club house, etc., but it seems like there should be a place that won't charge us an arm and a leg?  We're willing to pay - just looking for some ideas? Anyone have a lovely place in mind that can hold 70 people on 10/23 for 2.5 hours?

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Vets & Neon Indian

Two things...

#1- Dove Lewis rocks my world. I came home last night to find my tiny dog in agonizing physical pain. I whisked her away to Dove Lewis where they treated her with immediate care and kindness. I can't say enough about their afordable care and helpful staff.

#2- I have 2 tickets to NEON INDIAN tonight but due to my dog's condition I can think of nothing else but needing to be by her side. If you were hoping for tickets please PM me and we can arrange.
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gmail / google video chat issues?

yo yo yo! So, a lot of you have probably noticed that I'm in a long-distance relationship with a former member of DP. The two of us really like using gmail's video chat feature because it is somewhat reliable and allows us to talk face-to-face! Also we both already had gmail accounts! So convenient!

BUT, after a year of nightly use, last week my gmail account suddenly stopped talking to my webcam. My webcam works on other websites, gmail works fine, but won't open up my webcam at all. I've reinstalled the plug-in several times with no dice, even reinstalled firefox. It still refuses to work. Everything is great on his end, I can see and hear him, and he can hear me, but gmail refuses to open up my webcam!

Has anyone else on DP had this issue and resolved it? Do you guys have a reliable webcam/chat service thing you'd like to recommend? We tried skype last year and didn't have much luck with it....

Tuesday Night Just Drank a Bottle of Mead Night

This is the Tuesday Night Just Drank a Bottle of Mead Night

Called to order! Or as orderly as you can get when you have just DRANK A BOTTLE OF MEAD.

If you haven't drinken a bottle of mead, you can pretend you have, and go and listen to say, a THRASHING SONG like "Mr. Brownstone", which pretty much captures the feeling.

And then you can respond to this post with a long lyrical post describing the feelings of your life. For example, you could debate whether aforementioned RAGING PARTY ANTHEM, while it dabbles in self-recrimination, lacks the necessary syncopation to be truly tragicomic.

And this is Portland related because: say you have walked, on a dreary spring day when your clothing get soaked and your bones chilled, from Dayton back to Forest Grove, over the grey wine field and blank fields, and along the way, stuck in a country that is desolate and seems like endless roadsides of rural blankness despite its near proximity to the Portland you know and love...and say that somewhere along the line, you get a little flash of Kappa effect. Well, that feeling is what we try to aim for here in the TNJDaBoMN Club.


omg cops post

Did any of you just start a gang war? SE Portland just got LIT UP by cops, I could hear sirens coming from all directions. Three of the many cops drove north on 20th and east on Burnside and they were BOOKING it. I'm thinking it was more than a burglary.