September 24th, 2010


Using your iPhone overseas (Asia) as a GPS / map with wifi only (no data, phone)?

EDIT: I Googled a bit harder and found this:


I Googled around for this but really only found articles about using the iPhone overseas as a phone, or how to use it jailbroken with foreign SIM cards etc.

Anyone taken one overseas and used it just with wifi as a GPS / map tool?

In particular, how much map info does the phone cache (i.e. do I have to be literally standing in a hotspot to use it). Under settings the GoogleMobileMap database shows 1MB of 5MB used. Any tricks for pre-loading map data?

The built-in Google map data for some test cities (Tokyo, Bangkok) was impressive, it would be nice to be able to use it overseas.

The TomTom maps are $59.99 / country, I'd prefer not to have to pay that.

Bonus question (25 points): Does the cell tower triangulation work in many foreign countries? List of ones it does work in?

Thanks and TGIF!
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currency exchange

All right, I am aware that this is probably a very stupid question, but I am unwise in the ways of banks and money and such, and also apparently Google. I have about $100 worth of Costa Rican colones. Where can I get it exchanged? Do banks or credit unions do this? Does the airport do this? Do I have to pay someone to exchange it? Downtown would be nice, but not necessary. Muchas gracias.

Church bells

Are there any places in Portland where actual bells ring out during the day?  (I suppose the best candidates would be churches.)   Not recordings, but the actual ringing, tolling, echoing, joyous, making-your-heart-happy bells.