September 22nd, 2010


Movin' a couch

Hey guys, I need a little help moving a couch. It's big (74" or so, and leather), I live in a house hold full of small and sensible cars. I was wondering if any of you wonderful people with trucks would be willing to help out for a little bit of cash?

One person is totally fine- we have enough people to carry the couch out, we just need help transporting it. I doubt it'd take more than 45 minutes to load, move, and unload it.

Thanks in advance!
Tea whores unite secretly

Next Tuesday is 4th Tuesday!

Well it's that time of the month again, where we convene (even if it's small) and party for a few hours.

So here is my surprisingly early announcement of said meetup! I hope to see more of your shining faces grace us with your presence this month- even the not-so-shining faces, too!

7pm at McMenamin's Tavern and Pool
1716 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, OR 97210

If anyone has any other votes, throw them in! If you're under 21 and serious about attending, please speak up so we can plan accordingly... otherwise we usually end up barhopping if we're a small enough group!

Happy autumnal equinox, everyone!

Eye Doctor

Does anyone know of a good ophthalmologist in the Portland area with some kind of a sliding-scale (I don't have insurance)? Yes, I've been wearing glasses my whole life and no, I don't think I need to up my glasses prescription. I believe it's a more serious issue than that. Thanks.
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bahhhh damn housing

another dreaded housemate post!

my roommate has just given her thirty (plus five or so) day notice. i only plan on staying where i am if the next person to move in is not some craigslist crazy person (which has been my other roommate's avenue for filling these rooms for years now). so...

part one: there is a room available for a great price ($290) in a 3b/1ba apartment in a "hip" neighborhood in inner southeast. it's not a beautiful place, but it's definitely decent. one guy and one gal here currently. music heads. laid back. responsible. blah blah blah. if you're interested and would like more information, p.m. me.

part two: does anyone need a housemate? i'd prefer to live on the east side, as far out as 50th. i don't have a rent cap, am overemployed and pay my bills on time, and need a place where caged pets are allowed. i'm also not opposed to signing a lease if i feel comfortable with the people/place. feel free to p.m. me if you have more questions.

thanks in advance, and trolls: enjoy!
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halloween movies/events around Portland?

Hey y'all! My sister is in charge of organizing a community board at her work that will be listing movie events and other fun halloweenie-type events going on around Portland in the next few months.

She has crap like the corn maze/etc listed, but she wants to post about the annual horror films shown at theaters and the like. For example, when we were younger, we used to go see "Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein" at some theatre downtown around Halloween with our Dad, but all of our googling about it has yielded no results.

So, do you guys know anything about upcoming halloween events? Adults & Kids alike, but we're hoping more for grown-up activities. :)

Target store downtown?

I read on Oregonlive today that there may be a Target put in downtown in the Southwest Galleria vicinity. Thoughts on this particular store being in our downtown area? I can clearly see my personal pros and cons. I wonder about yours, DP!
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I need to get some fingerprints taken, but I'm not sure where to go. I was told the police department does them, but I can't find info on their website as far as where specifically to go, cost, etc. Googling shows a couple other places, but I'd prefer to get recommendations from folks who've done this. I need 4 sets, one of which has to be the traditional ink variety. Any info is appreciated! Thanks.
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Social Corporate Schmoozing.

 Hi all!

My employer has asked us to include our social network identities along with phone and fax numbers in our email signatures, so I went out and created a new Twitter @ccount through which I plan on only spouting party line corporate nonsense.  I've already tweeted about delivering excellence and the dangers of relying on satellites for accessing highly interactive web applications.

Your ideas for future themes, especially if they sound like benevolent superlatives but are really subtly subversive, would be appreciated.

That is all.