September 21st, 2010

Nikon D200

Pirates and OMG! BRAINS!!

Here are a few shots from the PIRATE FEST from this last weekend at Cathedral Park in the St. John's area of North Portland.

There were A LOT of good images that came out and there were a lot more that I could have shot, but, was raining most of the day and although the D200 is a TANK, I don't like getting her wet.

Electronics and water = a big no-no.

Anyways, here's a handful...Enjoy!   

Nikon D200.

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A road rage driver hit two bicyclists around Lloyd Center today. One is a co-worker of mine. He's okay, but the other cyclist is in the hospital.

The car is a silver Subaru with no rear plates, but a green sticker in the back window similar to a "Monster" drink sticker. Anyone with any info about the crash or vehicle should call the Traffic Division at 503 823-2103.

Read the description of the car and keep an eye out for it. I hope someone finds the guy who did it.
Nikon D200

1992 Subaru Legacy for sale!

I'm selling my 1992 Subaru Legacy if anyone needs a great commuter car.
She has taken me up to Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, up and down the coastline; down into Mt. Shasta, and everywhere else in between.

This Subaru ranges between 26 (in town) - 32 (Hwy) mpg! I would normally see about 28 mpg average between city / hwy driving.

Check out the link if you know someone might be interested...$900 OBO (And probably less for a DP'er)

1992 Subaru Legacy...this way!



Damn Cyclists

 As someone who rides to work most days to the Lloyd Center i can see why drivers and bikers are in such a huff.

I drove today, and this morning I saw three people speed through red lights not even looking, I see bikes weaving on and off the side walks and racing by all the cars that have just Passed them when they stop at red lights "getting" back in front of the line. Now if there is a bike lane ok but come on when there are cars lining the streets!! I am having to watch out for you and the oncoming traffic and there is construction WTF (was on 33rd coming form NE to Lloyd) stay in line! Be a car !!

I see more and more people on bikes that have no idea what is ok and not, and are putting themselves pedestrians and autos in danger. (this is all so the case for divers not knowing what a bike can and cannot do)

it's frustrating to hear of all this but we live in a city that has a very large population on the road that is not following the rules both cars and bikes and pedestrians.

Things i would like clarification. Where can bikes ride on sidewalks? (a cop told me there is some places you can and can't but could not really tell me where)

*thanks encapsulate

You cannot ride on the side walk in the main downtown area. (between SW Jefferson Street, Naito Parkway, NW Hoyt Street and 13th Avenue)

what do you do when coming up on a bike on a narrow road? What should the bikes do?

What do bikes do when coming up to a line of cars at a red light?
Are they allowed to ride up to the front?
How to make a left hand turn when there is a bike lane on four lane rode?

I see more people thinking bikes are breaking the law when they do not seem to care or do not seem to see the problems.
Last i would like to say as a driver, a biker, and as a pedestrian, we need some information about what is and is not ok. I hate to say it, but it's almost to the point of making people take riders Ed for riding on the road it's dangerous and with the upcoming Weather its just going to get worse.
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I need new tires for my car, since mine are apparently balder than bald. I know absolutely nothing about buying tires, and don't want an unscrupulous tire salesman to screw me over due to that lack of I'm completely overwhelmed by the metric fuckton of car tires available. Where's a good place to get them that won't try to fuck me over?
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