September 19th, 2010

A&P, Psych, history, and Sociology test books for PCC

I have the current 8th edition Fundamentals of Anatomy & Phsyiology text book by Martini/Nath. $100. This is $50 off the used price at the PCC bookstore, but also does not come with any of the guides (usually only new does)

I also have some of last year's text books for History 101, Psych 214, and Soc 205. If you are interested in saving some cash by using last years edition. Here's my CL ad.
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Portland City Grill or ... where?

DP, hubby and I have an anniversary coming up in a few weeks. We have young kids and are semi-tight on cash so we don't get out much alone. But we already have a babysitter lined up and I'm looking for someplace special. This will be a weeknight and we can make reservations. 

Hubby prefers steak and pork, meaty stuff. I tend towards seafood and vegetarian dishes. We prefer cocktails and beer to wine. I'd like to get dressed up a bit (well, as much as I ever might in Portland). I'm not super crazy about French food. 

We live in inner NE but downtown or the Pearl or anywhere in Portland is fine. 

Some options I've considered from Yelp and suggestions here: Portland City Grill, Andina, Chameleon. 

Waddya think? 
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sport coat

hey dp.

i recently purchased a neat black Blazer. i got the smallest size because i'm not a big guy, and it fits well. the problem is putting it on and taking it off - it's a little bit of a hassle.

should i get a Medium instead and have it tailored? i showed the tailor-lady how i looked with the blazer on and she only suggested to fix the sleeves..didn't get to ask her if i should get a size bigger instead.

thanks yo :o

wheel alignment?

Some friends are passing through town tonight/tomorrow on the way to California and is worried about the alignment on their car, as it's pulling to one side.  

They're thinking about taking it to a mechanic in the morning before they hit the road later in the day, but I have no idea where to suggest they take it.  

I'm curious if anyone knows a) a good mechanic, preferably close to N. Portland, but anywhere is fine; and b) about how much they'd be likely to spend on something like this?  

Thanks for your help, as always!


Does anyone have a decent person who does their taxes locally who isn't expensive? (like a real place, not a guy who knows stuff) I'm independent and have to do my own every quarter or so, and I need some help. Thanks!