September 18th, 2010

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Dear Roscoes on 81st Bartenders on Friday night,
Thank you for changing my mind about the way I felt about Roscoes this evening. Perhaps the person who 'threatened' to print out my letter (which was addressed to one bartender specifically) and give it to him/her accomplished their task, because the service was great. Our waitress, as well as our bartender, was wonderful this evening, and you got a decent tip at the end of the night. I look forward to seeing you next Friday.
Your friendly regular.

Dear Haters,
Thank you for turning my letter filled with mere advice to my bartender into.. 'passive aggresive.' It's amazing how many people will take a short letter (which didn't mean to be taken as 'angry' by any means) and turn it into something completely different. I didn't respond to any of your comments, nor do I plan to, but I do enjoy reading them. Keep them coming.
Passive Aggresive Bitch.
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What are your favorite parks in the city with great fall colors? I won a gift certificate to a local photographer and I thought doing an outdoor fall photo shoot with my son in late October would be really fun. I just can't think of a good place, mainly because I live on the west side and haven't been to many parks other than Mt. Tabor, Washington and Laurelhurst Park. (hmmm. maybe Laurelhurst would be ok...)


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Dear DP'ers,

Is there a match-making service like eHarmony or something for people searching for D&D groups that are looking for players?
If not, why not?
It's all so clandestine, doesn't seem easy to find.


ps: answering this yields no points as the point system may be switched to credit soon (cough)
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Club Satyricon

My husband wants to drag me to a show Club Satyricon, but before I agree to go I'm hoping you all can give me some insight on the place. I think my biggest concern is show times. I know all clubs usually list the show time as say 8pm and don't start 'til 9pm, but I have been to some places (not in Portland) who list an 8pm show time and don't start til 11pm..being that I am old now and have an early bedtime I'm wondering if Satyricon is one of these places. We are going just to see the first its feasible to me if the first bands tend to start at 9pm as opposed to 11pm. Also husband wants to know how the sound quality is and such? I know I know its a club, but some clubs sound systems are horrible which make shows not even worth seeing.

thanks as always!
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VHS --> DVD ??

Howdy all!
I miss the sun and the heat but I do love the sound of rain...
I'm here to ask a couple questions...  I've googled but I'm not quite clear.  I have an old VHS tape I'm interested in having put onto DVD, preferably for not a lot of money.  It is a copyrighted VHS, but I only want it on DVD for my own use (it's my exercise tape, I'm going on vaca and wishfully thinking of being able to bring a disc and my laptop so I could keep up; I could bring the VHS tape but it seems pretty unlikely the hotel will have a VCR).  I am not clear on whether this is or is not permitted legally - anyone know?  And, anyone have a recommendation of a not-awfully-expensive place in the PDX vicinity I could get that done within the next week or so?

Haylook a stupid question

Anyone know of a place in this town/greater-metro-area I can get Polish dill pickles? I can find Kosher plenty easy, but none of the grocery stores I haunt seem to carry Polish. I've even checked in the "international" and "ethnic" areas.

DP can solve any problem. I have faith that someone here knows the answer to this question.

Bonus trivia: in Poland and Russia, Polish dill pickles are traditionally served as a side with vodka.