September 16th, 2010

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Groupon side deal

I usually miss the side deals on Groupon, I bet some of you do too
(Reposted from OMSI's facebook page:)
Hey everyone! We're running a special deal through Groupon today for the OMSI After Dark next week on Sept 22 -- only $5 per ticket (regularly $10). We'll have lots of cool demos like "Beer's Law of Beer", there will be laser shows in the Planetarium, you can build LEGO robots in a special private lab, there will be lots of food and drink samples from local companies, and the Cafe will have a special menu including a Frangelico and Godiva milkshake. Yum! Also, for those of you with kids, we're offering child care through We Village. Check out Groupon today, and find out more about OMSI After Dark here:
Half off After Dark next week.

blog reccomendations?

Now that school is creeping up on me, I need to shorten my blog reading time every day to make time for homework and studying.

I currently use Google Reader, which I love, and on it, I am going to cut Digg and Oh No They Didn't amongst others. I  am looking for a replacement for both, with less posts that only show the important news. (Celebrity news that is important = who's getting married, going to jail, pregnant, starring in the newest movie, etc.) Although somewhat shallow, I like to keep up with what's going on. I LOVE, but it just isn't inclusive enough for all my celebrity new indulgences.